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Roger Goodell is being forced to testify at the Ray Rice hearing by judge's ruling, per source.
This could get good.


Packer fans: Are you concerned General Manager Ted Thompson has not extended the contract of Head Coach Mike McCarthy yet?


My guess is while it's on the radar of TT, it's something he'll just address after the season's over. Barring a total meltdown of epic proportions or finding bricks of cocaine in his desk, I can't see how MM isn't extended. As long as  stays upright and playing, MM is plenty adequate at this point.


Anyone here think he won't be extended? His contract expires at the end of 2015




Scribes voted today for the new "contributor" category for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Ron Wolf one of the first two nominees. Fitting. 

@SI_PeterKing: ARLINGTON, Va.-Congratulations to 2015 @ProFootballHoF Contributor nominees Bill Polian and Ron Wolf.

As as this is a new category there is no doubt IMO Wolf will get in this time. Deserved and long overdue.

@SI_PeterKing: Wolf+Polian will be among the finalists for Class of 2015. They will need 80% of vote from 46 voters Jan. 31. Both tremendously deserving.

Bob Harlan and Ron Wolf saved the franchise. Harlan is deserving too but since he's wasn't a fat cat owner from a large media center he'll never get a sniff.


Won't be as easy as last week, as Brees will throw for two first half TDs to match Rodgers' three TDs (Cobb, Adams and the other Rodgers). D makes the difference in the second half as CMIII gets a strip on a sack and Peppers takes it to the house. Pack wins a shootout 45-38.



Passed away three years ago today. Just ran across this article from the New York Times NFL blog that made me smile.




Really Blair? Stuck in the crapper or out of box wine?




314.0 2nd Overall


123.0 13th Overall


270.5 27th Overall


103.2 11th Overall
Anyone else craving Jambalaya? Or a Hurricane?

......because it's Baseball.


I'll take a 7 game series, please.

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....because it's football.


...because Manning passing Perve feels right.


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