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Did you know that there were ZERO arrests for NFL players in the month of September.  First time in 6 years




...because it's football.


...because a team we hate will lose tonight


...because Casa De Kiel's bobble-head room has glorious HD.



BREAKING NEWS from the Milwaukee Brewers:

"The Milwaukee Brewers have announced that hitting coach Darnell Coles and third base coach Ed Sedar will return for the 2016 season. The Club did not renew the contracts of first base coach Mike Guerrero, pitching coach Rick Kranitz, bench coach Jerry Narron, outfield coach John Shelby and bullpen coach Lee Tunnell. The announcement was made by General Manager David Stearns."

Thoughts? - Radio Joe

Tragic... Sometimes the brightest lights aren't so good for the man...

Sorry if this was posted anywhere else. I saw this one the other night and thought it was great. Jordy is a born actor.


If you just look at our run defense against the #1 starting running backs so far, it looks something like this.

Forte 24 carries 141 yards

Lynch 8 carries 20 yards

Charles 11 carries 49 yards

Carlos Hyde 15 carries 41 yards


Besides Forte, the run defense against the main back is very solid, 58 carries for 251 yards, 63yds per game.  Wilson and Kapperstink have gained some chucks on them.  Overall, pretty happy with the run defense.  If they can continue to start fast on offense, teams will always be in the 10-15 carry space, which I think works well for GB.  Really no explosive plays given up.  Does anyone think Raji is making a big impact?


Pretty good list of RBs, including the arrival of Gurley next week.  I think much of the teams overall succes has been because of this improved run d, oh and Rodgers.


Next Sunday, Lambeau, 12:00 LFT.


Rams coming off a big road win against an undefeated NFC opponent. Trying to make it two in a row. 


They'll be this week's trendy pick. Josh, Corey and TJ will need to do some work against the great Aaron Donald and friends.


Jeff Fisher has never had a solution for Aaron Rodgers. That's the streak that will continue.


...because it's football.


...because I couldn't come up with a pithy title.


...because Sunday Night Football is always sweet after a Packer win.


what happened to the coaches and QB's being interviewed after games???  


Get on board with McCarthy or shaddup.


Gorguesness and gourguesity made flesh

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