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I love the new definition of questionable as I'm pretty sure MM was a key consultant. Right up there with "has a knee".

NFL drops “probable” from injury report, redefines “questionable” and “doubtful


It’s definite that “probable” no longer will be part of the NFL injury lexicon.

As first noted (as best we can tell) by Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald and as the league office confirms, the widely-misconstrued P-word has been dumped from the injury reporting procedures.

“The ‘Probable’ category was eliminated from the Game Status Report because approximately 95 percent of the players who were listed as ‘Probable’ in prior years did in fact play in the game,” the league explained.

There was a reason for that high percentage of participation. Although many believed that “probable” suggested a 75-percent likelihood of playing, it actually meant that the player was virtually certain to be available for normal duty. After the Falcons scratched quarterback Mike Vick, who had been listed as probable with a knee injury, from a 2005 game against New England, the league reminded teams of the true meaning of “probable,” and it began routinely investigating situations in which a player listed as “probable” did not actually play.

The NFL also has changed the meaning of “questionable” and “doubtful”; previously, the “questionable” category reflected a 50-50 likelihood of playing, and “doubtful” meant a 75-percent chance the player wouldn’t play. Now, “questionable” simply means that “it is uncertain as to whether the player will play in the game,” and “doubtful” means that “it is unlikely the player will participate.”

So, basically, any player whose chances of playing are less than 100 percent is “questionable,” and any player whose chances of playing are 49.9999 percent of less is “doubtful.” While these changes streamline the process, they create a much broader range for “questionable,” allowing visiting teams to keep the truly injured players under wraps until they head to the site of the game and leave the injured players behind. For home teams, the question of whether a “questionable” player will play won’t be finally resolved until the list of inactive players is filed 90 minutes prior to kickoff.

Welcome to another edition of Fedya's “Movies to Tivo” Thread, for the week of August 22-28, 2016. The days are noticeably beginning to get shorter now, so with the longer nights, why not spend that time watching some good movies? I've used my good taste to select several movies I think you all will find interesting. Summer Under the Stars brings seven more interesting stars, but there are good movies on some of the other channels, too. As always, all times are in Eastern, unless otherwise mentioned.


For those of you who like more recent movies, you're in luck. This week kicks off with The Freshman, at 6:15 AM Monday on StarzEncore Classics. No, this isn't the Harold Lloyd comedy, although that's recent enough. In this 1990 movie, Matthew Broderick plays Clark, a young man from Vermont who goes off to film school in New York and finds he's woefully unprepared for life in the big city. Clark gets his stuff robbed by Clemenza (Bruno Kirby), and when Clark runs into Clemenza again, Clemenza offers to introduce him to his uncle Carmine. Carmine (Marlon Brando) is supposedly the man on whom Don Corleone in The Godfather was modeled, and Carmine similarly makes Clark an offer he can't refuse. This offer involves trafficking in endangered species, as Carmine knows a restaurateur (Maximilian Schell) who specializes in serving those endangered species as meals. (I'd guess they all taste like chicken.) What a babe in the big city to do?


TCM's star for Monday is Robert Montgomery, who always looked like a gentleman no matter the part. A good example of this is Faithless, at 9:00 AM Monday. Montgomery plays Bill, an upper-middle-class man (making $20K in 1932 dollars) engaged to Carol (Tallulah Bankhead), who's upper-upper-class. Bill wants Carol to live on his salary – the need to be the provider and all that – but Carol says no; she'd rather live on her trust fund. Except that with a depression on, she's spent all her money. At this point she's willing to live on $20K, which really isn't that bad, except that by now Bill has lost his job. Oh, that pesky depression again. He's able to find work as a scab truck driver, but it's dangerous and results in his getting injured. To what lengths will Carol go to nurse Bill back to health, and will he have her if he finds what she's been doing to support him? This was MGM's glossy look at the Depression; I can only imagine what the movie would have been like had it been made at Warners.


Twice this week, FXM Retro is running a double bill of The Rains Came, followed by The Rains of Ranchipur. The movies will run at 9:30 AM and 11:15 AM Monday, and again at 8:00 AM and 9:45 AM Tuesday. I mention this because they're both versions of the same story. Lady Esketh (Myrna Loy in the original, Lana Turner in the remake) goes to the Indian kingdom of Ranchipur with her husband (Nigel Bruce vs. Michael Rennie), where they meet a dissolute ex-pat Tom (George Sanders vs. Fred MacMurray) as well as a mixed-race doctor (Tyrone Power vs. Richard Burton). Lady Esketh falls for the doctor, which is a problem thanks to the Production Code and the fact that Lady Esketh is already married while the doctor is dedicated to his people. All sorts of natural disasters ensue, including a cholera epidemic which brings the two doomed lovers closer. The latter version was filmed in color and wide screen, but the earlier version has the better acting, I think.


On Tuesday, TCM is giving us a full day of the films of Brigitte Bardot. You could do worse than to ogle her. One of her movies that I don't think I've recommended before is The Night Heaven Fell, at 4:15 PM. Bardot plays Ursula, fresh from having been educated by the nuns at a convent school. She goes to live with Aunt Florentine (Alida Valli) and Uncle Miguel (Pepe Nieto) in rural Spain, where she finds that Lamberto (Stephen Boyd) has a problem with Uncle. He says Miguel sexually assaulted his sister, and he wants vengeance. Lamberto gets injured in the resulting duel, and Ursula nurses him back to health, falling in love with him along the way. Except that Lamberto is already in love with… Florentine! Things get even more complicated after that. This was directed by Bardot's then-husband Roger Vadim, and Bardot is as lovely as the Spanish scenery where the movie was filmed on location and in glorious color.


Over on StarzEncore Westerns, we have The Culpepper Cattle Company, at 9:10 AM Tuesday and 5:30 AM Wednesday. Gary Grimes plays Ben, an adolescent stuck on a farm out in the old west who wants to see something of the world, and who thinks cowboys are big stuff. So when Frank Culpepper's (Billy Green Bush) cattle drive comes through town, Ben does whatever he can to get himself hired on to the cattle drive. Of course, things don't turn out at all the way Ben had planned. First he gets hired not as a cowboy per se but as the cook's “Little Mary”. And then he finds that the cattle drive is a lot of tough work, and nothing glamorous at all. There's also petty crime, and the possibility of gunplay being real, not like you'd read about in an adventure story. This little movie is helped out by its strong ensemble cast and lovely cinematography.


I know how much you all like those 1930s movies, so I'm glad to see that Wednesday's star on TCM is another 1930s star: Constance Cummings. I stuck trying to figure out which of two movies I'd like to recommend. The Guilty Generation (6:30 PM) is an interesting early talkie about the children of rival gangsters falling in love with each other, but this week I'll recommend The Mind Reader, at 9:00 AM. Warren William stars as “Chandra”, who with his assistant Frank (Allan Jenkins) does the travelling carnival circuit as a mind-reading act. In one town they meet Sylvia (Constance Cummings), who falls in love with Chandra. She joins the act, finds out that it's a scam, and becomes horrified. So she insists that Chandra go straight. By this time, he's fallen in love with her, so he's willing to try honesty, except that honesty doesn't pay the bills. Instead, he's got to go back to work as a phony psychic, this time in the big city charming the bored upper-class housewives. What will Sylvia do when she finds out?


Thursday's star on TCM is Van Johnson. One of his films I think I haven't recommended before is High Barbaree, which you can watch at 8:00 AM. Johnson plays Alec, a bomber pilot in the Pacific theater in World War II. On one mission to destroy a Japanese sub, the plane gets shot down. Alec and Lt. Moore (Cameron Mitchell) are the only two survivors, and as the two are in a part of the plane that floats, hoping to make it to land before they die of thirst, Alec tells Moore about his life. Apparently, the “High Barbaree” comes from stories that Alec's uncle Thad (Thomas Mitchell) told Alec as a boy; it's a mythical Pacific island that should have been located roughly in the area the plane was downed. Alec also had a childhood sweetheart in Nancy (June Allyson), but wound up having another woman Diana (Marilyn Maxwell) pursue him as well. Alec has a bunch of other bizarre stories to tell.


On Friday TCM puts a light on Boris Karloff, who is probably best remembered for playing the monster in the 1931 version of Frankenstein. That movie will be airing at 8:00 PM. You probably know the story; Dr. Frankenstein (Colin Clive) is doing his mad scientist work, taking parts from corpses and putting them together, using the newfangled technology of electricity to try to reanimate the corpses. Eventually, he gets one that looks amazingly like Boris Karloff reanimated, prompting the doctor to scream, “It's alive!” But things aren't easy for the new man, as the locals are understandably afraid, and the man has no concept of social skills and can't even talk. He tries to help a little girl but accidentally drowns her, leading the townsfolk to turn on the doctor and the monster. It's a beautifully shot movie, and even though special effects have advanced in the past 80 years, the story totally overcomes any special effects problems they had back in 1931.


On Saturday, we'll have 24 hours of the movies of James Garner. This time, I think I haven't recommended Skin Game, which you can catch at 2:15 AM Sunday. Garner plays Quincy, a con artist in the 1850s who, while in jail in Pennsylvania, meets Jason (Louis Gossett, Jr.), a freeborn black man. Together, the two team up, until they come up with the ultimate con, which is to pass Jason off as a slave, selling him to slaveowners and then having him escape so that the two can go to the next town and pull off the same scam. You'd figure that people would catch on to this, and one of the first to do so is lady con artist Ginger (Susan Clark), who becomes Quincy's love interest. Things take an even bigger turn for the worse when Quincy is thrown in the clink and Jason is sold for real by slave dealer Plunkett (Ed Asner) to a Texas plantation owner. There's also a scene with John Brown (Royal Dano) breaking up a slave auction. This is all played as a mix of comedy and drama.


Finally, on Sunday, it's the turn of Jean Arthur. I think I've mentioned every one of the movies airing that day before, so it's a repeat recommendation. That movie is Easy Living, at 8:00 PM. This isn't the one with Victor Mature as a quarterback, but a movie with a completely different plot. Arthur plays Mary, a New York working girl. One day she's going to work on an open-topped double-decker bus, passing an upper-class apartment building just as two of the tenants are having an argument. Mr. Ball (Edward Arnold) is yelling at his wife (Mary Nash) for spending a huge sum of money on a fur coat. So he throws the coat out the window, and it lands in Mary's lap! Eventually, Mr. Ball finds out who got the coat, and after their meeting Mary is mistakenly taken for his mistress, which leads the folks who serve high society to start treating her as part of high society. Meanwhile, she's got a boyfriend named Johnny (Ray Milland), who works at the Automat. What she doesn't know is that he's actually Mr. Ball's son, who has insisted on trying to make his own way in the world before inheriting his father's fortune.

Final 53 Projection

Guys, that time of year again! After two pre-season games, here's my current projection. Welcome, as always, your thoughts. Of course, what certain players do the last couple of pre-season games, and any new injuries, will alter the projection. FYI, current roster of 90 must be cut to 75 by 4 PM ET 8/30 and to 53 by 4 PM ET 9/3. An additional 10 players can make up the Practice Squad (PS). Players 30 years or older have their age listed in parenthesis. Also in parenthesis are whether a player is a rookie draft pick (e.g. D5), or a College Free Agent (CFA) or veteran Free Agent pickup (FA). 


QB (2): Rodgers (32), Hundley 

PS: Williams (CFA) 

Cut: Callahan (CFA) 

Comments: Rodgers says he's in best shape ever. Writers say he may be having his best camp ever. Let's play ball! Player I most wanted to see this pre-season was Hundley. Ironically, he will end up missing almost all of it due to his ankle. But most important he be healthy to back up Rodgers when the regular season starts. Not sure either Callahan or Williams, both CFAs, have enough inherent talent to warrant developing on the PS. Giving slight nod to Williams, but hoping Thompson can find better.  

RB (4): HB's Lacy, Starks (30), Crockett, FB Ripkowski 

PS: HB Burks (CFA) 

Cut: HB Ross (CFA), FB Squirewell (CFA) 

Comments: Lacy does look better after off-season reconditioning. Starks an excellent backup. Crockett gets slight nod over CFA Burks, but Burks has shown enough to make PS. Will miss Kuhn, hoping Ripkowski ready to step up. If Ripkowski goes down, no FB on PS, but guessing Squirewell will be out there and available if needed.  

WR (7): Nelson (30), Cobb, Adams, Montgomery, Abbrederis, Davis (D5), Janis 

PS: Allison (CFA) 

Cut: Waters (CFA), Williams, Johnson, Binford (CFA) 

Comments: Everyone excited about getting Nelson back, keeping fingers crossed he stays healthy and regains his 2014 form. If so, Cobb will be so much better than last year. Adams has quietly been showing improvement in pre-season and camp. Hoping his lingering bad ankle last year was root cause of his poor play. Easy to forget how great Montgomery looked as a rookie last year before being lost for the season. Excellent additional weapon to have at WR and in the backfield. Abbrederis staying healthy, continually being pointed out by McCarthy. Rookie 5th round pick Davis has speed that can't be taught. Will be nice to throw in there once in a while. Janis' broken hand may allow him back by third regular season game or so. He was one of Packers two best Special Teams players last year, even though he apparently wasn't showing much development as a WR during camp. Packers could put him on Injured Reserve (IR) and bring him back later in season, but right now I think they'll just carry him on 53 until he's ready to go. Allison showing enough to keep on PS.  

TE (3): Cook (FA), Rodgers, Perillo 

PS: Backman 

Cut: Henry, Pierce 

Comments: Very excited about addition of Cook. Former college WR with great size and speed. Runs better than Finley ever did. Is hungry, having been in the league seven years, never been to the playoffs. If WRs stay healthy, Cook will never be double-covered and could break out with a Pro-Bowl type season. Rodgers slimmer, playing faster, may offer more this year as a receiver than he did last. Will obviously benefit from Cook's presence. Perillo not fast, but seems to know how to get open and demonstrates incredible hands. Backman still has potential, so putting him on PS.  

OL (9): Bakhitari, Sitton, Linsley, Lang, Bulaga, Tretter, Spriggs (D2), Murphy (D6), Taylor 

PS: Walker 

IR: Rotheram 

Cut: Barclay, Patrick (CFA), James (CFA), Flores (CFA), Steuck (CFA) 

Comments: If they stay healthy, this could easily be Packers best OL since the great one of 2003. The starting five form an excellent unit, and the depth has the potential to be our best ever. Bakhitari, Sitton, Lang all extra-motivated by contract years. Linsley just needs to get his hamstring healthy for regular season. Bulaga's injury history, along with Bakhitari's pending free agency, key reason they drafted two OTs. Spriggs looking good, Murphy surprisingly so for a 6th round pick. Convinced if they cut Murphy and try to stash him on PS some other team will pick him up. Tretter an incredible luxury to have: Young, talented, experienced, can play all five OL positions. Not a Taylor fan. Giving him the slightest of nods right now over Walker, who makes PS. Rotheram big but can't seem to play. If he wasn't hurt, would have him as a cut. Barclay a tough call. Seems to be playing better a year removed from his ACL, but tough to put him ahead of either Taylor or Walker, who are both younger and bigger. 


DL (4): Daniels, Clark (D1), Guion, Lowry (D4B) 

SUS: Pennel 

PS: Price (CFA), Ringo 

Cut: Kuder (CFA), Anderson (CFA) 

Comments: Daniels Packers best DL, may be their best defensive player. High hopes for #1 pick Clark. I think Guion underrated. A better NT than DE, but has size, nastiness and produces. Lowry should develop, may be asked to play a bigger role earlier than Packers would prefer. Bummer that big run-stuffer Pennel suspended first four games. Just need to hold the fort until he returns. May seem too light to only have 4 DL on 53, but Packers play only two DL 75% of the time and could easily call up Price or Ringo from PS if/when needed. 

OLB (7): Matthews (30), Peppers (36), Perry, Jones, Elliott, McCray (FA), Fackrell (D3) 

Cut: Gilbert (CFA) 

Comments: Like OL, this has the potential to be the best and deepest OLB corps we've ever had in a 3-4 defense. Matthews back to his preferred OLB spot. Peppers not showing signs of age, but Packers appear committed to playing him less in a designated pass rusher type role, opening the door for Perry to start and play many more meaningful snaps than ever before. He's a beast against the run. Hoping he can stay healthy, have his best year. Intrigued by move of Datone Jones to elephant position. Maybe, just maybe, like Perry, he'll begin to fully demonstrate why he was a #1 pick. Was hoping Elliott would show significant development, but it's been a quiet camp and couple of pre-season games for him so far. Free agent pickup McCray has been a pleasant surprise, especially his pass rush. Rookie Fackrell needs to get stronger, which Packers knew. Unlikely he'll contribute much this year. CFA Gilbert actually showing OK, but with 7 OLBs not sure there's room to keep on PS. 

ILB (4): Ryan, Martinez (D4A), Barrington, Thomas 

PS: Bradford 

Cut: Brown (CFA), Mathews (CFA) 

Comments: Ryan, like C Linsley, has missed camp and pre-season games with minor injury. But still counting on him to be healthy come the regular reason and a mainstay at ILB. Martinez so far living up to all the off-season hype. Doing great for a 4th round rookie. Looks like he'll help with our weakest defensive spot last couple of years -- ILB pass coverage. Barrington back and while not a great player, provides a welcomed physical presence. Was not impressed with Thomas last year at all, had him in my initial cuts. But he added 10 pounds in off-season, looks like a different player. Giving him slight nod over Bradford, who has clearly been playing much better than previous two years, but I'm not sure good enough to keep over Thomas. Would the Packers keep him on PS for another year? Brown, Mathews really haven't shown anything. 

CB (5): Shields, Randall, Rollins, Gunter, Hawkins (CFA) 

SUS: Goodson 

PS: Daniel, Dorleant (CFA) 

Cut: Jette (CFA), Gatewood (CFA) 

Comments: A real strength of the team. Youth, talent, speed. Shields has Pro-Bowl ability, in his prime. Randall, Rollins, Gunter all played incredibly well as rookies last year, should be even better this year. CFA Hawkins a pleasant surprise. May have shown enough to make 53 versus PS. Goodson's 4 game suspension also opens that door. Daniel, Dorleant both appear to have good potential, hoping both make it to PS.  

S (5): Clinton-Dix, Burnett, Hyde, Banjo, Brice (CFA) 

Cut: Evans (CFA), Whitehead (CFA) 

Comments: Just as strong a unit as our CBs. DB unit as a whole best in many years. Clinton-Dix and Burnett a formidable duo. Hyde a valuable player. Banjo Packers best ST player, but also seems to have developed into a decent S. Not big, but fast and a good hitter. Brice might be best CFA. Incredible physical traits, has also stood out in both pre-season games. Already has shown enough to make too risky to put on PS.  


PK (1): Crosby (31) 

Comments: No competition, but kicking as well as ever. Still not confident with him with the game on the line, but he's very good if not great. 

P (1): Masthay 

Cut: Mortell (CFA) 

Comments: Masthay not having a great camp/pre-season, and CFA Mortell exceeding modest expectations. But Masthay likely still has lead.  

LS (1): Lovato 

Comments: Lovato apparently not impressing Packers, who may resign reliable veteran Goode as soon as Goode fully recovered from last year's injury.


Titm's computer is nan-nay foo-foo at the moment so starting this one..

Preview: Oakland Raiders (1-0) vs. Green Bay Packers (1-0)

When: 7 p.m. Thursday.

Where: Lambeau Field.

Broadcast: TV – Channel 41 in Milwaukee and Channel 32 in Green Bay.  Radio -- 620-AM.

Injury report: WR Jordy Nelson (knee), WR Jeff Janis (hand) and C Jacob Flores (knee) won’t play. ILB Jake Ryan (hamstring), DT Demetrius Anderson (ankle) and OT Josh James (hamstring) aren’t expected to play. QB Brett Hundley (ankle), OT Kyle Murphy (concussion), and OLB Kyler Fackrell (illness) are questionable. Raiders – DE Mario Edwards (hip) and TE Gabe Holmes (ankle) are out; RB Jalen Richard (knee) and LB Ben Heeney (leg) are questionable.


1. Preseason orientation: After missing two weeks with an ankle injury, Hundley is expected to play and possibly start if Aaron Rodgers is rested again. Since he isn’t expected to get many snaps during the regular season, this is his time to shine. He hasn’t played a live down since last preseason and so look for him to play a ton of snaps if his ankle allows him.

2. Tretter time: With Corey Linsley’s absence due to a hamstring injury set to enter its fourth week, JC Tretter has gotten a chance to audition for the starting center job. It once was Tretter’s, but an injury allowed Linsley to claim it and he’s never given it up. Tretter needs to be error-free and show he can pass block as well as Linsley to have a chance.

3. Drawing attention: Wide receiver Davante Adams has had some good moments and some bad ones in camp. For every great play he’s made, it seems he’s had a drop. With Janis out and Nelson just now coming off the PUP list, Adams has to make a statement this week. Assuming Hundley plays, he needs to run some quality routes and be more than just a “fade” guy. The clock is ticking.

4. Chasing Cooper: When they matched up last year in Oakland, Raiders receiver Amari Cooper abused rookie cornerback Damarious Randall for two touchdowns and a pair of long gains. He finished with six catches for 120 yards and the two scores. Randall probably won’t see Cooper the enitre time because he, Quinten Rollins and LaDarius Gunter are rotating positions in various base, nickel and dime packages. But he’ll see him at some point.

5. Speed freaks: Assuming Raiders coach Jack Del Rio plays his defensive starters a quarter or so, the Packers will have to deal with rushing bookends Khalil Mack and Bruce Irvin. After facing a weak Cleveland rush last week, this will seem like a track meet. If coach Mike McCarthy pulls his No. 1 line early, it means rookie Jason Spriggs and either Don Barclay or Josh Walker will be charged with keeping Hundley upright

Aaron Rodgers resting again; Packers-Raiders scratches

Posted by Duke Bobber on August 18, 2016 – 5:38 pm

Aaron Rodgers

The following players will not play in Thursday night’s preseason game between the Green Bay Packers and the Oakland Raiders:

Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers
12 QB Aaron Rodgers
26 CB Warren Gatewood
42 S Morgan Burnett
47 LB Jake Ryan
52 LB Clay Matthews
56 LB Julius Peppers
57 C Jacob Flores
60 DT Demetris Anderson
63 C Corey Linsley
72 T Josh James
74 G Matt Rotheram
83 WR Jeff Janis
87 WR Jordy Nelson

Oakland Raiders
46 RB Jalen Richard
82 TE Gabe Holmes
97 DE Mario Edwards Jr.

Hey, look. Some good news..

Jordy Nelson activated off the PUP List!! -Sparky

Jordy Nelson passes physical, cleared to return to practice

SEATTLE, WA - JANUARY 18: Jordy Nelson #87 of the Green Bay Packers looks on against the Seattle Seahawks during the 2015 NFC Championship game at CenturyLink Field on January 18, 2015 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) Getty Images

Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson passed his physical Wednesday and has been activated from the physically unable to perform list.

Nelson, who missed all of last season after tearing his right ACL in a preseason game, felt some discomfort in his knee while preparing for training camp and was placed on PUP. The Packers are expected to still limit Nelson’s on-field activity over the next few weeks, but his activation clears the way for Nelson to be ready to play in the Sept. 11 season opener.

Nelson insisted this new injury was minor and wouldn’t slow him for long.

The Packers offense wasn’t the same without Nelson last year, and eventually getting him back to full strength will be a big boost for Aaron Rodgers and Company

2016-17 UEFA CL

I know it's just vs Steaua Bucharest, but City are looking very, very good. In the past, we've played garbage teams like this to a draw...and if Aguero could hit a PK, this game would be 5-0 right now.

Pep has already shown his genius turning Kolarov from an aged garbage FB to a very serviceable CB, and he's already boosted Raheem Sterling's confidence big time. Long season, but very promising.