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Call me a softy. But I'm touched by KC's ending their long drought.


Tonite I'm a Royals fan first.


Not sure where to put this, but sounds like the FCC killed the blackout rule.  I think that means that the NFL cannot force the stations to blackout games if a certain % of seats aren't sold.  I think it's a pretty big deal, a few article I read, said that the NFL put on a full court press to make sure this rule would not be changed.  Maybe this is the beginning of the NFL getting taken down a few notches.  Next up, non-profit status?  If that goes away, I can guarantee that the NFL will be looking for new leadership. 






"Wake up to find out, that you are the eyes of the world..."

Get to the person with the ball.  If it is tipped your way, you'll be in position to catch it.


Haven't seen this posted anywhere. Sorry if it has been posted!


Two babies sum up game in one photo. Story here.


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Wake up, defense!

Fox sports reporting




...because it's football.


...because it's not a bad match-up.


Just wondering if any of those guys played Sunday.   I never heard their names called.


Speaking of trying to change things up, Lacy was great last season, but why they heck

don't they give Starks or Harris a few reps if Lacy can't find a hole?



Baffled in Boise


After 4 games, we are still waiting to see the same runner from his rookie year, but so far, he seems to have regressed.  He looks hesitant and indecisive.  Whereas last year he would only occasionally hesitate or shift before picking his route, this year he does it almost every time, sometimes shifting twice or even three times before moving forward (the problem of course being, by that time the whole defense is converging on him).  The proverbial and dreaded "dancing."


Against the Bears, Starks did not get a carry.  Someone in the chat room suggested maybe the coaching staff thought Lacy needed reps to get his groove back.  I agreed at the time, but I don't think it worked.  I guess I'm getting concerned.  His problems seem mental, the hardest kind to fix. 


I've been looking without success for an article I read in the off-season, wherein Eddie said something along the lines of, he wanted to change his running style a bit to become "shiftier."  That he would still be a battering ram, but he would be even better with these new "moves."  As soon as I read that, I went, "uh oh."  My mind went back to none other than John Brockington (!) who, after 3 consecutive 1,000+ yard seasons, spent an entire off-season watching O.J. Simpson (!) footage and came into camp saying something similar, then proceeded to suck the rest of his career.  (Let's be clear here : Lacy is Not Brockington , and there will be no LILB.)  I just really hope Eddie's not trying to be something he's not, because that will never work.


Obviously the blocking is less than stellar, but it was just as bad, if not worse, last year, and he still would manage to get positive yardage.  And when Starks came in against the Lions, he averaged like 5 yards a carry.


So what do you think is going on here? 


Per , NFL may have votes to make personal fouls eligible for instant replay in 2015. About damn time




Sorry if this was posted elsewhere but this warrants it's own thread. I have zero desire to see games going to 4 hours but since the Refs can't figure out WTH a personal foul is, can't blame them for making this reviewable. Both the Packers and Bears got some phantom bullshi* calls yesterday. Those can and have changed outcomes of the games.


Sadly, I think PI is next.




Short week kids. 


Bridgewater to get MRI today.


Adam Schefter         @AdamSchefter

With Teddy Bridgewater nursing ankle injury and Vikings needing another QB for practice, team is signing Chandler Harnish to practice squad.

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