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...C-Boys favorite Packer season of all time happened. It may have been timing, graduated from high school, first year in the dorms at UW-Claire but it was so much fun. See the below link and watch the year in review. Great memories! Still remember being so bummed when Cincy couldn't win at Minny on the final Monday night to get the Pack into the playoffs...




EDIT: Remember when Infante had the club wear white at home the first couple of games? Anybody remember the reason why? I know...


If You Will Dare, I Will Dare




Discharging manure into the wetlands.  Humm, I wonder what that means?  And all this west of Madison. 


...because it's football.


...who am I kidding?


...ah Hell. Hampton Inn Altamonte Springs has NFL Network.








Basket ball






"If somebody said to me now – right – here's a million pounds, go out and play Atom Heart Mother, I'd say you must be fucking joking."   Roger Waters

In Fuzzy Detroit.


It says quite a bit that Bush and Burnett being elected playoff captains.








"Wake up to find out, that you are the eyes of the world..."

Anyone know off any other places than this? Good find Orlando Wolf.........



Click for full game report!