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Really quite Badger related so I put it in here.  Anybody ever hear this before or even think it's true? 


Arkansas coach Bret Bielema told ESPN he withdrew himself from consideration for the Miami Dolphins head coach job in 2012 because they did not want to draft Russell Wilson in the second round.

Bielema had been interviewing for the job and was meeting with the Dolphins' brass when he said he promised them they would win a Super Bowl within five years if they drafted Wilson. Bielema coached Wilson for one year at Wisconsin after the quarterback transferred there for a graduate season


Bielema said he felt Wilson needed to be drafted by Miami in the second round to get him. But when the Dolphins felt Wilson was not tall enough to be taken that early, talks between the sides broke down.

"They all looked at me like, 'You can't say that. That's the difference between college and pro. He's undersized. He can't throw.' I was like, 'OK, all right,' and I honestly, that day, kind of pulled myself out of it," said Bielema



I had budgeted (not really) but planned to spend about $5K for two tickets if we had made it.   That would not even get me one.    


Ticketmaster charges 10 or 15 % to both buyer and seller... so imagine selling just 1000 tickets at 6K each generates 1.5 Million

A company paid $200,000 for a block of 40 tickets on the Patriots' side by the 30-yard line last Thursday. The company was offered $600,000 to sell those tickets Thursday, according to a source with knowledge of the offer.


Something definitely wrong here.  






Hi Everyone:


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The man is up for induction into the Hall of Fame and BMG has a nice piece on him:


Lots of it stuff we already know but I know that I always thought he was the one who gave Sherman the GM duties on in addition to head coaching duties and he denies it.


Happy Reading!


If You Will Dare, I Will Dare

Who cares about the super bowl this year.....I want the fifth year after the one the Packers won 5 years ago, don't you???  Seriously, who'll really cares about the 49th Super Bowl.  I'm over the loss, really.  This year... 2015, is the year of the PACK.    GO,PACK GO.


Starting shortly. Will be streaming on I will post running excerpts here as well as a summary.

@TyDunne: McCarthy: "2014, excellent season for us. Something we're very proud of."


@TyDunne: MM: "Our fans, their disappointment, we're right there with you. Our homefield advantage was second to none. Improved in that area."


@RobDemovsky: McCarthy: "Players, coaches, support staff, commitment, preparation, football IQ was the highest in my tenure here."


@ByRyanWood: MM calls NFCCG "very disappointing" loss: "A game we felt like we had plenty of opportunities to win. We felt like we let it get away."


@RobDemovsky: McCarthy on special teams: Tough performance. Mistakes were hard to overcome.


@RobDemovsky: McCarthy: Defensively, we just didn't finish it there in overtime.


@RobDemovsky: McCarthy: The evaluation process starts now. This is my first order of business. We will start process of change, adjustment and emphasis.


@ByRyanWood: First question for McCarthy: Will there be a change at special teams coordinator. "Thought it would be the second or third question."


@TyDunne: MM on changes to staff/ST: "It's important to evaluate. We'll look at everything. Every job description."


@ByRyanWood: McCarthy says everybody will be evaluated, just like every year. That process has not yet begun.


@RobDemovsky: McCarthy on support after losing his brother: "Unbelievable. I'm not going to be able to talk much about it. And thank you."


@RobDemovsky: McCarthy said assistant coaches are off this week. They did evaluations last week.


@TyDunne: MM on ST: Comes down to scheme, knowing your opponent, executing the fundamentals. Our special teams errors were critical with timing of it.


@ByRyanWood: McCarthy: "Our special teams errors have been critical more because of the timing of it. It definitely showed up in the Seattle game."


@RobDemovsky: McCarthy said the NFC Championship game will be a positive. The only way you benefit from that experience is learning from it.


@TyDunne: MM: Seattle made the big plays down the stretch at the most critical times of the game.


@TyDunne: MM on Seattle targeting Jones on fake FG: A heck of a play by Jon Ryan. ...You have to look at it from that standpoint.


@TyDunne: MM: Fakes are risky. Jon Ryan can run, we know that. ...Hey, we did not execute our responsibilities the best we can.


@ByRyanWood: McCarthy on Seattle's fake field goal touchdown: "They had a better play called than what we had called."


@RobDemovsky: McCarthy said they were looking at Clay Matthews' knee late in the second half. Talked to Clay and he said he needed a minute.


@RobDemovsky: McCarthy: We want to sign our guys back, but that process really hasn't begun. Emphasis is on the draft.


@RobDemovsky: McCarthy on regrets vs. SEA: There's always plays you can go back and look at. I take full responsibility for everything.


@ByRyanWood: McCarthy: "As far as regret, I regret not doing enough to help the team win. Obviously, this is magnified."


@RobDemovsky: McCarthy taking pts: "I actually called a fourth-down play on the headset, but penetration on 2nd and 3rd down was why I decided it kick it"


@RobDemovsky: McCarthy on late-game strategy: "11 series into the game, our defense kept our opponents to zero points."


@RobDemovsky: McCarthy said he's going to try to get down to Arizona for the NFL Honors program on Saturday [to see Aaron].


@RobDemovsky: MM: Clay's an outside linebacker. I think we all recognize that. As we build our roster, there will be more answers, hopefully more options.


@TyDunne: MM on Peppers telling Burnett to go down: "Everybody has decision-making responsibility. There are decisions that are made every game."


@RobDemovsky: MM on Peppers' 'no mas' signal: I agree with the intent of the decision. Expected us to move the ball. That's not Morgan's fault.


@TyDunne: More MM on sliding: Those are decisions made in the heat of the battle. I agree with the intent of the decision. Why he did it, I understand.


@TyDunne: MM on changes to sked: Give training staff credit. [Strength and conditioning coach] Mark Lovat. Changes we've talked about for 3 years. We felt like we hit a home run.


@TyDunne: MM on offense last month: We haven't run a QB boot keep for the last month. Take hat off to Aaron, so productive from the pocket.


@TyDunne: MM on continuity w coaches: Definitely equates to success. Continuity something you want. Have to fight complacency. A great place to work.


@TyDunne: MM on Peppers/Guion: Impactful for our football team. ... Julius Peppers, from leadership standpoint, knocked it out of the park.


@RobDemovsky: McCarthy on adding Peppers: "Julius knocked it out of the park." ... Compared it to Charles Woodson's impact.


@TyDunne: MM on free agency: Look at the whole picture. Every season is its own opportunity. Nothing ever stays the same. Look at it like we always do


@TyDunne: MM: It's always nice to add some free agents (smiles)


@TyDunne: MM: I would classify our offense as diversified. ...We'll look at it and make some changes; we feel like it's important to not stay the same.


@RobDemovsky: McCarthy: "I'm excited about that whole [2014] class. They contributed as rookies and will be pushed."


@TyDunne: MM on OL at goal line: Goal line, there's things we'll look at. Could get creative there. Run blocking as a whole, impressed by that.


@RobDemovsky: McCarthy on his own health: "I feel good. It's good to be back at work. It's put on all of us on alert to make sure we take a closer look."


@packers: McCarthy: Exit interviews with 73 players...I thought the feedback from our veterans was some of the best we've ever had. 


@TyDunne: MM on exit interviews: There will definitely be changes that occur from those discussions.


@ByRyanWood: MM: "Life is precious. I don't have the words, or the emotional discipline, to take you through it. It's very difficult. We're pressing on."


Hey, guys, I'm curious to know if this is a good deal for all involved?


I have no idea of local political climate and other factors, but this looks like a decent enough plan. Or at least a good starting point for negotiations.

If this is successful, I'd also wonder if same/similar could be applied to NFL stadiums.


This is pretty early for this thread, but I noticed who would be calling the game 


"Rocket Fuel malt liquor. Damn!" 



what a colossally stupid idea.   I can see his dream being chalk circles all over the field that players have to remain in until the ball is pitched.  


"Rocket Fuel malt liquor. Damn!" 

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