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In Fuzzy Detroit.


It says quite a bit that Bush and Burnett being elected playoff captains.






"Wake up to find out, that you are the eyes of the world..."

Anyone know off any other places than this? Good find Orlando Wolf.........



Need a place to watch the game in the St Michaels, MD area.. Help....



Ale Asylum get's a little recognition!!!


Has anyone tried it? 


Epic fail for Lovie, and ARod we know and love returns. Three touchdowns for Cobb, two for Lacy, Matt Flynn returns, Ginger doesn't punt. Bucs look worse than the Bears did last night. 31-3 at the half, 45-13 Final.



Parker with a very awkward looking injury. Had to be carried off . *** looked bad. 


Bucks saying "knee sprain". Will wait for testing. 


Let's  keep our fingers crossed that the MRI is negative tomorrow. 


...because it's football.


...because any year that has the Bears and the 49ers missing the play-offs is a good one.


...because there aren't many Mondays left in the season.

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