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Pre Game.

Broncos defense is going to play instead of talk.  Carolin's funk is a blast.

R. Rodgers

Rodgers father was quoted in a McGinn article with the following, referring to his son... "He just has to find his happy medium in terms of his weight. He played this year between 270 and 275. Probably 260, 265 would be a good weight for him."  I know at Cal he played wide out some & weighed 245 in his last year there. Weighed 257 at the combine. Is it my imagination, or does he look much better at 245, (realizing that they want him heavier to block,) 

O$U @ Bucky

Not a slow start tonight. 11-0 Bucky.  OSU even took a Time out before the under 16 TO.   

Also heard on the pre-game tonight Badgers will play in the Maui Classic in 2016.  Also North Carolina, Oklahoma State, U Conn, and I believe they said Georgetown. 

Heard from a reliable source within the HOF that Green Bay will be one of the teams playing in the HOF Game this year.  This is, of course, in anticipation of Favre being one of the enshrinees this year.

The only way Green Bay would not be playing in the game is if they decline (and I'm not even sure that's an option).

Make your plans to get to Canton in early August.  I have a feeling that game tickets will go quickly.