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I hate the cardinals


"Rocket Fuel malt liquor. Damn!" 


"Rocket Fuel malt liquor. Damn!" 

Never too early folks.

Lots of bud light. Lots of ice. Favorite Packer glass.

this might be a short thread




"Rocket Fuel malt liquor. Damn!" 

Warriors vs. Pelicans

Unreal. Warriors were down by 20. Curry is redonkulous.




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Time for some new "stats" ??





Normally, this early in a season I would not advocate for this. I'm not saying we should start trading assets now, rather be prepping for it in June. Currently, many of our guys are just performing badly, they need sometime to rebound and re-establish value.

Guys I would move for certain and are likely moveable: Aramis Ramirez : would have to eat most of his contract, but he might be agreeable to one last chase of a ring towards the end of July. Could net a B- prospect depending if he starts hitting soon. Is normally a 2nd half player too.

Kyle Lohse: last year of contract due 11M through the year, likely would have to eat 3-4 M of it from June onward. If he can settle down into the 4 ERA range, could be moved for a B-/C+ prospect.

Carlos Gomez: Fan favorite, favourable deal with less than 2 years of contract time left. His max value was this winter. The Brewers would be remiss to not make a move and get as much as possible for him. If he mirrors last years numbers would net a B+, B-, and C+ level prospect, would mirror a similar haul to what we got for Zach Grienke. Scott Boras is his agent, he isn't staying in Milwaukee - need to trade him by mid-July.

Gerardo Parra: Likely a waiver trade. Will just get back a C level guy for him. Likely have to eat most of his contract too. Fransisco Rodriguez: Gotta move him as well. He's a closer by trade and will be a valuable commodity for playoff contenders looking to shore up their pen. Is due 7.5M next season, but teams would look past that to get a closer if they are in need of one. Potentially could garner a B level guy if he is having a decent year, could be as low as a C+ guy too.

Jonathan Broxton: Lost some zip on that fastball. He is due 9M this year. Brewers would likely have to eat most of his deal too.. won't net us much either, likely an august waiver move or a deadline july deal. He'll need to be having a solid season to garner anything of good value.

Guys that I would move if I could: Ryan Braun: 100% would trade him if I could.

Matt Garza: Same, but with 37.5M left on his deal, i don't think he is moveable unless his ERA is in the 3.5 range. I don't see that happening from him.

Guys that I would move if someone really twisted my arm with something good:

Jonathan LuCroy: Before everyone kills me.. because I know everyone loves him, he is a light hitting catcher who has a ton of respect around the league as a great signal caller and all around great catcher. I love having him, but if someone came calling with an A level prospect... I'd probably make the deal at this point. His contract is ridiculously favourable too. You'd have to blow me over if I were Melvin.

Mike Fiers: Same kind of deal, but to a lesser degree. He is under team control until 2020. If someone offered me a B/B+ level prospect for him (assuming he's having a decent year towards July) I probably would do it - soft tossers aren't my thing.

Jean Segura: Shortstop is one of our only luxuries in our system right now. If someone with 2 quality minor league arms (B,B-) I'd do it. I'd also look at outfield depth too, or help at 3b.

Khris Davis: Another guy that we have a lot of service time left on, but free swinging outfielders with noodle arms aren't my thing either. He'd look good in the AL. (I know Nelson Cruz ended up being "awesome" - but steroids helped that one out).

Guys I wouldnt move: Jimmy Nelson Wily Peralta Will Smith The rest of the guys really would garner negligible trade value at this point. Maybe Maldonado could get us something small in value.. but I think the Brewers keep him for sure because his deal is so small the next 2 seasons. I think it's time for a fire sale + a likely top 5 pick in the 2016 draft. We had a nice 10 year run! Time to reload. Salary obligations for next year are at 54M too. They are in a nice position to reload.


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Who do ya think we open up against?  Primetime matchups?



It's going from bad to worse in Beertown.


No Scooter tonight as he required stitches in his hand after a shower accident after yesterdays game.


Could be headed for a DL stint.

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