Peralta might not get out of the 1st...

This sucks.
Pretty sure he's got "it". Not sure what "it" is but he may have "it"!


9 games......  WOW!!!


About F'n time!!!!!


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Aldon Smith hit with the big one. Nine games. 49ers have problems.


"Wake up to find out, that you are the eyes of the world..."

An interesting question arose in another thread.  The theory is that no one expect anything out of the last three first-round picks.  I'm wondering if all Packer fans have already chalked all three of them up as busts or if some out there think that at least one, perhaps two or even all three of them could play well going forward.

22 must get cut, then we hold our breath & hope we get the 10 players we want on our PS.

Ted is throwing up right now.

Name your 22!




2014 Preseason Week 4 Kansas City vs Green Bay Gamecenter





Pregame Radio Link



Vic Ketchman and Mike Spofford on the game



So Packers' list of players not in uniform says it all: All offensive starters but Linsley out, that includes Bostick, who has leg injury ..


Nine defensive starters not in uniform: D Jones, Daniels, Matthews, Peppers, Hawk, B Jones (quad injury), T Williams, Shields, Burnett


Also inactive: Goodson (concussion). That's 20 players total not in uniform.







Am I the only one getting bold type?

In case anyone is taking opinions, I don't like it.


Did the Hoopla people do anything to change the font used in all the posts?  Because whatever it's been changed to, it's much more difficult to read.

And I tried reading the site in Firefox, so switching browsers isn't the answer.
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