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Arod takes up where he left off last week and Pack wins 30-21. Montgomery puts up 200 combined yards rushing and receiving. Julio gets his numbers but Ryan throws two picks.

Bucky vs. Huskers

The winner of this game stands a pretty good chance to come out of the west and head to Indy. 

ESPN's sort of crappy preview:

I do think this one is becoming a decent rivalry but for me as a UW fan that will always be the Goofers and Iowa more so than Nebraska.  I have not watched any of Nebraska's games this year and I will admit to knowing next to nothing about them but it looks like Armstrong is having a decent year at QB, the rushing game seems to be about the same as the Badgers, but their schedules don't even begin to compare. 

Nebraska has beaten:

1-7 Fresno team

A decent but not great Wyoming team

A 2-5 Oregon

An average NW team

2-5 Illinois

3-4 Indiana

3-4 Purdue

So to me yes they are undefeated but I really think we have some over rated going on here.   So I will break from my superstition and predict UW beats them 24-20 with the edge being that it is a night game in Mad Town.

Well, what to do? What to do with all those expectations? Q&A style. 

Q: Is Jason Kidd a good enough coach to make this team a contender? 

A: Who knows? Probably not. I mean by Thanksgiving the book was out- the Bucks can't shoot, and they can't defend the perimeter. Game after game... and what did Kidd do about it? Well, nothing really. But maybe it was the roster. With as much has changed, we'all soon find out. 

Q: Will the new roster solve the defense, 3 point shooting, and rebounding? 

A: If the preseason is any indication, yeah, it might be. Teletovic is deadly. Dellavadova is an enormous upgrade from Bayless/Mayo, and Brogdon isn't going to take long to find his niche. Beasley is going to be a very effective scorer. Trading for Snell keeps them long in the backcourt (and at least replaces some of Middleton's shooting).  Terry is experienced, and so is Novak, and you have to have that on such a young roster. The only Gs from last year's roster is Middleton (and he's probably not going to play this year) and Vaughn, who is still struggling at both ends and especially shooting. But with the additions they should shoot better, defend better, rebound better... but how much? That answer will probably tell the tale of the season. 

Q: Will their young stars Parker and Antetokoumpo be All-Stars? 

A: One or both should- and the season depends on it. The great thing is the roster compliments them really well, and with Middleton down Parker will get his shot to be the closer. You can see the game slowing down for him now- and that's scary. And Giannis is a year more confident, a year more developed, a year closer to being one of the game's most dynamic all-around players. Watch the turnovers, but he's the proverbial matchup nightmare, and that's the first ingredient to winning in the NBA.

Q: Will Greg Monroe have a place on the roster? 

A: For now, yes. But to me, the 4 year deal for Plumlee spoke volumes about what they want at the C position. As has been said, now that we have seen his game, he doesn't fit. But he's productive, and that should help the Bucks find him a home at the deadline. Unless the Bucks get banged up, I don't think he'll be on the Bucks after the deadline. 

Q: Will the Bucks be a playoff team? 

A: Yes! And depending on the matchup, they might get past the first round. This team will now feature two talented young stars who are unequivocally the focal point of the team's attack. This helps them, because I think the complementary players are better. They should be able to run the break, they should be able to rebound, and they should be able to attack in the half court and get good shooters good looks. It starts at the defensive end, and the G position should be significantly more defensive minded than we've seen in years past. 

Record: 48-34

...because it's baseball.

...because it's a pretty compelling story-line.

...because most Cubs fans are Bears fans....F the Cubs!

Sunday's Colts-Titans game.  Late 4th Quarter.  Colts in Red Zone.  3rd Down and long.  Completed pass.  Colt's WR gets the 1st Down at the 8 yard line.  WR flips the ball away from the ref.  Ref flags the WR for "delay of game".   5 yard penalty.   Instead of 1st and Goal at the 8 - it's 1st and 10 at the 13.

COULD the Titans "decline" this penalty?   It was late in the game so time is a factor.   Play calling for the Colts is different if it's 1st and Goal from the 8, since the Colts COULD not get a first down.  Since it is late in the game, knowing the Colts could not get another 1st Down, less time would be taken off the clock.  Also, the Colts' play-calling then would be  different than if it was a 1st and 10 from the 13.

As it turned out, the Colts did indeed get a 1st Down later on and made it 1st and Goal from the 2.

COULD the Titans have declined the original penalty so the Colts COULD not get a 1st down.

What would the metrics be in order for it to make sense to decline the penalty? 1st and Goal from the 9?  1st and Goal from the 10? it a moot point because the penalty cannot be declined by rule?

ps.  yeah-yeah, I know, I have too much time on my hands

p.s.s.  oooo, a classic!   Styx - Paradise Theatre - 1981

I'll post summaries of all the roster moves here in this thread along with MM updates, etc.

To sum up the news: Randall had surgery

Abbrederis, Banjo on IR

Allison, Whitehead promoted to 53

WR Dez Stewart signed to p-squad

New practice squad WR Dez Stewart ran 4.42 with a 36-inch vertical coming out of Ohio Dominican.

worked out OL Josh Walker, as reported. He was on the 53 last year and received an injury settlement during camp.