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Probably a make or break series 


"Rocket Fuel malt liquor. Damn!" 

Never heard a bad word about him. Icon.

Lee Remmel, a former Press-Gazette reporter whose 62-year relationship with the Green Bay Packers is considered the longest association with the franchise, passed away on Thursday. He was 90.

Remmel's relationship with the Packers began when he was growing up in Shawano in the 1930s, when he would follow the team's achievements, listening to games on the radio whenever possible. While in high school, Remmel edited a weekly newspaper in Shawano, then joined the Press-Gazette in 1945.

He asked the newspaper's sports editor, Ray Pagel, if he could help cover a Packers' game at Milwaukee's State Fair Park against the Detroit Lions if he agreed to pay his own way. Given permission, Remmel became a fixture at every Packers game, home and away, as a reporter. He covered the team's mostly dismal decade of the 1950s, and the highly successful decade of the 1960s.

Remmel covered Packers games on the sideline until 1959 when Lombardi told him to move to the press box.

...In 1967, Remmel was voted Wisconsin Sportswriter of the Year by his peers.

...He covered the first two Super Bowls, both won by the Packers, and attended every succeeding Super Bowl until 2007. He attended 122 consecutive Packers-Bears games.

Remmel left the Press-Gazette in 1974 to become director of public relations under general manager and coach Dan Devine. He continued in similar positions under coaches Bart Starr, Forrest Gregg, Lindy Infante, Mike Holmgren, Ray Rhodes, and Mike Sherman. He was named team historian in 2004.

Remmel was known for his uncanny memory, able to cite game scores and details from every era of Packers history. He was inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame in 1996.

Remmel lent his name to a sports awards banquet that began in the 1990s, raising scholarship funds for the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and St. Norbert College. Perhaps one his greatest honors occurred in 2003 when the Packers named the newly remodeled press box at Lambeau Field in his name...

Very nice tribute from the Packers, here:


This is why we need to draft another TE:




....guy is delusional. 

Starts Saturday. On paper the Bucks shouldn't beat them. But this is not your Bulls team of the last few years. They're not as solid mentally and they have been inconsistent.

Key matchup is Gasol versus Henson/Pachulia/Plumlee/Whoever. In the 3 losses this year, Gasol has torched them. In the Bucks win a couple weeks ago? Not so much.

Can MCW play Rose even? Can Middlton/Mayo hit shots? Will Giannis elevate his game?

Great litmus test for this team. A veteran playoff team will definitely challenge them. And if  Chicagoland is so high in Mirotic (and the are), how is Kaminsky suddenly not that good as a pro? Are they not similar (Kaminsky bigger, of course)?

Nashville is ****ting themselves.


I had a fun interaction with a scout for the Islanders tonight at the bar.  He was in town scouting some Lakeville talent.


Behind the NFL Playoffs, the NHL is next.


Should be fun!


Currently, the Packers have 9 DL players under contract and would typically keep 6-7 guys


Will they draft more Big Guys ? Thompson subscribes to the Planet Theory, so maybe...

Raji is only on a 1 year deal, so maybe they look at an NT late in the draft - but given how little base defense GB plays it wouldn't seem like a good use of an early pick.

At DE/DT we have lots of bodies, but they each have some limitations as is often the case with immense humans.


What I've read  : 


Mike Pennel has all the physical tools, but hasn't been able to put it all together... yet. 

With Luther Robinson, I've read he has less overall skills/talent, but wants it bad enough to put in the work to get better.

Datone Jones is a very talented pass rusher, but isn't yet big enough/strong enough to take on double teams - that limits his playing time

Thornton had issues in learning how to be a professional, but MM put his boot up that ass and commented that Khyri turned the corner this offseason. We'll see, but he was a 3rd rounder so its likely he sticks around

Josh Boyd is solid at 5- tech on early downs, but not much in the pass rush department and not really an NT candidate

Bruce Gaston has shown flashes of being a good DL player; his forte is stuffing the run and he's had a year in the system

Daniels is a stud and up for a new deal soon

Raji is motivated and back at NT, his natural position

Guion has a year in the system and won't be asked to play NT again


Packers played nickel 75% of the time and that means only 2 DL on the field: 


In base 3-4, GB would use 3 DL with Boyd/Daniels/Thornton/Guion/Gaston/Robinson at DE

and Raji/Pennel at NT


That covers most of the DL snaps, with Big Okie and Pressure being some of the other packages

In the NASCAR Pressure package, Datone Jones is the only DL on the line, I can't remember who they used in the 1-4-6 Big Okie


Trgovac got some young help on the DL coaching side as GB brought in Jerry Montgomery from OU


Do the Packers need more DL or... just more from their DL ?

 Where does the DL reside on your draft totem pole for 2015 and beyond?

Like him or hate him, it's an interesting thought:

But small markets would be left on the outside looking in I think. Not that they aren't already. But it is an interesting point- other owners would have to make their organizations attractive. Offer more, be better placed to play.

From JSonline Raji article:


He zeroed in on his flexibility, realizing this might've been one reason the tendon gave out. From November to January, he spent five days a week at Flow Yoga Studio in East De Pere with Ryanne Cunningham, the players' go-to, off-site miracle worker.


You dip****s will figure out one day.



Olivia Munn is Psylocke! Her journey from super geek to superhero


Olivia Munn is the hot geek girl we all aspire to be. Not only did she rise to fame through the nerdy talk show Attack of the Show, she has now landed the role of Psylocke, a telepathic mutant, in X-Men: Apocalypse. Director Bryan Singer announced her casting today:

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