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Carson Wentz


Gotta admit I think the combo of Pedersen and Reich could do some good things with a kid like that.

So I am a superstitious type of guy so since UW beat MSU last week I would start things off this week.

ESPNs crappy preview:

Michigan leads the all time series 49-14-1 (yep you read that right 14 wins in 124 years of playing each other)

Michigan has been scoring points in bunches this year but they haven't exactly been playing anyone who plays defense.  I think in this one Bucky hangs tough until very late in the game when UM drives down for a late FG to win 27-24.

The big question is whether Bucky will drive Harbaugh so crazy he eats more boogers?


So I received a random e-mail at 9:15am this morning that my sons high school was on lockdown. I sent a text to my son with no answer. 

Four police officers crashed second period and told everyone to get hands on desk and no one moves with tazers drawn. My son put his hands on his desk and watched the police cuff a kid (Daniel in case it's not mentioned) and watched him look at my son and laugh. 

Turns out Daniel had a 54 person kill list with my son on it for being on the baseball team. He planned on killing 25 minutes before he was arrested. My son might have been his first target. 

My cousin is former undercover federal DEA that was on scene when I showed up demanding to get my son off campus. He told me credible threat and no found weapon with possible secondary accomplice at large. 

So forgive me for saying **** Hillary and Donald. Neither is capable of fixing anything. 

The +/- thread got me thinking on the subject of fullbacks. It's a position many teams have all but phased out in their love and embrace of spread formation concepts. I think that's a mistake.

In the first half, Ripkowski got a number of snaps. It varied the formations and gave them an extra thumper to block at times. When he went out, (and Cook too, to be fair) McCarthy got conservative again, running more 11 personnel and similar, and the offense stagnated. Failed execution doesn't hide the fact coverages were tighter, lane's were more narrow with defenders seemingly knowing what was coming, etc. 

Look at other teams. in Tennessee they're trying to rebuild with a second-year QB and a number of holes. However, their run game is productive and keeping them competitive, with much of that success coming with DeMarco Murray running behind a Fullback. 

In San Diego, the offensive line is still weak, their best receivers are out, yet they're still competitive with Melvin Gordon running behind Watt when the heat is on and punching it in. 

While not even a mauler, the Saints signed John Kuhn and we'll see how they use him tonight. So far he's played about a third of the snaps on a team that's been a "spread 'em out" offense for a number of years.  

The NFL is a copycat league and I think teams have mostly caught up with the spread offenses with smaller, faster linebackers and hybrid safeties all the rage. I think there's ample room for good fullbacks to still make a real difference in games and hopefully Ripkowski will be okay following the bye. I think he may be an underappreciated key in keeping the offense diverse in the coming months. 

Just a thought. 

Odell Bekham JR=quite the talented fuc**** twat. Really hard to cheer for such an ass-hole.

And WTF Carolina...looks like they didn't take the Queens seriously.


Aaron Rodgers. 129.3 QB rating. 4 TD's.

Jordy Nelson. Over 100 yards 2 TDs. He's officially back.

Lacy with a vintage game. TT may need to think about re-signing him more and more.


23. He's got to stop reading his clippings and go back to work. Sloppy, lazy play today.

****ing injuries.