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and love this you think he might have known he'd be the "darling" of this tournament???  He's got a chair at the "discussion" table....and he's good at talking college basketball, but come on.......dramatic much?  


@BadgerMBB: Rematch set. The #Badgers will take on Arizona in the West Regional Final on Saturday at 5:09 p.m. (CT) on TBS. Both teams 34-3 overall.

I Heart radio 101.5 FM WIBA carrying Matt LePay andMike Lucas home broadcasters. Couldn't find them vs Oregon. Using I phone.

Dammit.  We lead in the 6th inning of game 7, 3-1


What could have been.....




PHOENIX -- The National Football League plans to celebrate Super Bowl 50 all season long.

The league on Tuesday unveiled its plans for "On The Fifty," a campaign designed to link the past 49Super Bowls with next year's benchmark title tilt, set to be played on Feb. 7, 2016 at Levi's Stadium outside of San Francisco.

We took a break from the NFL Annual Meeting to trek on over to the league's "On The Fifty" exhibit here inside the Arizona Biltmore. Wandering through the displays, one campaign theme became clear in a hurry: gold. Lots and lots of gold.

The NFL plans to signify next year's "golden" Super Bowl by using the color throughout the season in more ways than one. For starters, fans will notice an on-field upgrade, with the 50-yard line numerals and NFL shield logo painted gold in all 31 NFL stadiums. Team logos on sideline apparel also will feature gold accents, while the logos for official league events -- including April's draft, September's Kickoff game and January's playoff run -- will adopt a golden hue.

That's not all:

1. To kick off the draft, prospects and former players will walk a gold carpet as they enter the theater in Chicago. "On the Fifty" also will be celebrated during draft week with an on-site Super BowlMuseum.

2. We absolutely love the special-edition Pro Bowl uniforms set to celebrate the event. Classy, modern and not overly noisy.

3. The 43 previous Super Bowl MVPs will be celebrated throughout the season, culminating with an on-field ceremony during Super Bowl 50.

4. Plenty of teams also plan to host Super Bowl homecomings, inviting yesteryear's championship squads to be honored on game day and throughout the weekend in host cities.

5. This is fun: The 2015 schedule will be sprinkled with no less than 19 Super Bowl rematches during the regular season. The grudge-match theme gets rolling in August at the Hall of FameGame when the Vikings and Steelers square off in a rematch ofSuper Bowl IX.

6. The Super Bowl High School Honor Roll will recognize high schools and communities that have contributed to Super Bowlhistory by presenting them with commemorative Wilson-produced golden footballs for every player or head coach who has appeared in a Super Bowl, and will become an annual tradition.

For more information about On The Fifty and Super Bowl 50, fans may visit

Well this will be great when the Packers win with the first super bowl with regular numbers.....and the 50th anniversary of the #1 Super Bowl.  Love it.

No I'm not registering I'll leave that one for "Lothar"  however, I WILL go after when the time has elapsed.




@BadgerMBB: The #Badgers will take on North Carolina on Thursday at 6:45 PM (CT) on TBS.

Of course the first priority for Bucky is to win this and, indeed, win out.


Speaking for myself, though, few things would be more delicious than thumping the Tar Heels. Starting with the deification of Dean Smith to the overrated and sanctimonious Roy Williams no NCAA men's program has been more full of itself for less reason than UNC. Despite their warts UCLA and Duke have the banners, sure UNC has a couple but spare me.


It would be justice for the Badgers to knock these clowns out of the tournament.  Let Roy and his accomplices have more time to consider the possibility of major NCAA sanctions over the rampant academic fraud in their athletics programs.

Welcome to an abbreviated edition of Fedya's "Movies to Tivo" thread, for the week of March 23-29, 2015.  With all of the funeral plans made and there being nothing left to do but wait for the whole family to arrive and then go through the visiting hours and the interment, I needed to get my mind off of everything by writing.  Besides, there are a couple of movies I'd really want to have recommended anyway.  As always, all times are in Eastern, unless otherwise mentioned.

FXM Retro is showing the film Twelve Hours to Kill at 10:45 AM Monday.  Nico Minardos plays a Greek immigrant who just happens to witness a mob murder!  Needless to say, he's frightened because the Mob knows they have a witness and they want to eliminate the witness.  So our Greek flees to a small town where he'll presumably be safe.  Yeah right.  In this case, as in something like the later Witness, there's police corruption and it seems the police may actually be on the side of the hitmen!  There are better movies of this genre, but this one is interesting to see for the presence of several people who would later become much more famous for their work in television.  Barbara Eden plays the love interest; Gavin MacLeod from The Love Boat plays one of the hitmen; and Ted Knight plays a cop.

Documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles died earlier this month.  TCM set aside its previously scheduled movies for Monday night to show four films directed by him and his brother David, starting at 8:00 PM with Grey Gardens.  In the early 1970s, a house out in the Hamptons was cited for all sorts of code violations, and the two women living there were doing so in pretty dire conditions.  That wouldn't be too much news, except that this mother and doughter were the aunt and cousin of Jacqueline Kennedy.  The Maysles then went to visit the two women and document their life story and their current living conditions.  Mom Edith, pushing 80, wears fairly little in the way of clothing and eats in bed; daughter Little Edie is a faded beauty who blames Mom for leaving her a spinster.  Meanhwile, the house is still in pretty poor shape as there are raccoons in the attic and lots of cats.  The story is at times fascinating; at times frustrating because the two women aren't always likeable, and at times exploitative.

Several musicals are on the schedule for Tuesday morning and afternoon.  Among them is Les Girls, at 8:15 AM Tuesday.  Kay Kendall plays Lady Wren, one of the members of Les Girls, a nightclub act led years ago by Barry (Gene Kelly) which has since broken up.  She's married a British peer and written a memoir of her time in Les Girls, talking about how fellow member Angèle (Taina Elg) tried to commit suicide.  Angèle, now married and living in Paris, sues for libel.  Angèle says it was really Wren who had tried to commit suicide, and the trial plays out somewhat like Rashomon, with all of the members of the act giving their rather divergent views of what happened.  Rounding out the act as the third of Les Girls is Mitzi Gaynor.  Kendall started to feel ill during production of this movie, and the illness turned out to be leukemia, which claimed her life two years later at the young age of 33.

On Tuesday night, we get Alan Arkin.  TCM host Robert Osborne interviewed him at last year's TCM film festival, and since this year's edition (minus Osborne who's having to miss it for health reasons) is this weekend, TCM is running the Alan Arkin interview on Tuesday night.  As is often the case with TCM premiere documentaries, it's going to air twice, the first time kicking off prime time at 8:00 PM, followed by one feature film (The In-Laws at 9:00 PM) and then the repeat at 11:00 PM.
The rest of Tuesday night's lineup includes the film version of Carson McCullers' story The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter at midnight Wednesday (ie. 11:00 PM Tuesday LFT);
Wait Until Dark, in which Arkin terrorizes blind Audrey Hepburn to try to find a doll stuffed with heroin, at 2:00 AM; and
Hearts of the West, with Arkin as a director/producer who makes a cowboy star out of Jeff Bridges in the 1930s, at 4:00 AM.

Star of the month Ann Sothern shows up for one final Wednesday night of her movies on TCM, including one from the late stages of her career: The Whales of August, at 10:00 PM.  The stars here are the even older Bette Davis and Lillian Gish, the latter being an amazing 93 when she made this.  They play Sarah and Libby, a pair of sisters who have been summering at the same cottage on the Maine seashore for years.  Sarah is to the point where she's blind and may have to go in a nursing home, and Libby takes care of her.  Needless to say, the two elderly sisters don't always have the best relationship, as anybody who's done caregiving can tell you.  Sothern plays their neighbor Tisha, and earned an Oscar nomination for her role.  Entering all of their lives is Mr. Maranov, played by the baby of the cast, 76-year-old Vincent Price.  He claims to be an old Russian nobleman who fled the Communist revolution, and seems to have fallen on hard times and may just be looking for somebody to live off of.

On Thursday afternoon, TCM will be showing four of the Perry Mason movies that Warner Bros. made in the mid-1930s, 20 years before Raymond Burr would play the detectively defense attorney on TV.  The films include The Case of the Lucky Legs at 2:30 PM.  Perry Mason, played by Warren William, is approached by a man looking for a missing woman.  It turns out that the woman was involved in a "lucky legs" beauty contest, except that the contest wasn't on the up and up, and the guy running it has been murdered, with everybody being a suspect.  There's more comedy here than in the original books or on the later TV series, in part because after The Thin Man was released in 1934, all the studios wanted murder mysteries to be solved with a sizable helping of humor.  Allen Jenkins plays Drake, Perry Mason's private eye (called Spudsy instead of Paul Drake from the books); Genevieve Tobn plays Della street.  The movie climaxes with Perry unmasking the killer while he's getting a physical.

There's one last Friday night of Michael Feinstein presenting roadshow musicals, starting at 8:00 PM with Man of La Mancha.  This one is a retelling of Miguel Cervantes' novel "Don Quixote", with Peter O'Toole playing Quixote, the man who tilts at windmills.  O'Toole showed when he did Goodbye, Mr. Chips that he couldn't sing a note, so don't expect much from him.  Sophia Loren was tapped to play the Dulcinea character, and her singing isn't that hot eiter.  Playing Quixote's sidekick Sancho Panza is James Coco.  O'Toole also plays author Miguel de Cervantes himself, as the story is told from Cervantes' point of view with him being tried by the Inquisition being a framing story for the rest of the action.  Probably the best remembered song from the musical is "To Dream the Impossible Dream".

And now for the shorts.  For those who are fans of Pete Smith, or if you're hntr74, you may enjoy Weather Wizards, at 9:20 AM Wednesday.  Pete Smith brings his unique brand of movie naration to the subject of whether weather forecaters can tell the citrus farmers of California if they need to protect their crops from a cold snap.  The short was directed by Fred Zinnemann, who would go on to fame for directing features such as From Here to Eternity.
The Crime Does Not Pay shorts are alwyas interesting in their look at how people perceived crime two-plus generations ago.  One that's airing this week is ]b]Phantoms, Inc.[/b] at about 2:10 PM Thursday.  This looks at the way psychics and spiritualists fleece gullible people.  Of course, being from MGM, it has to tell the story in an overly dramatic way.  Nobody ever treated Dionne Warwick and the Psychic Friends Network like this!

Not Badger-related, but the UWSP Pointers just won their 4th NCAA Division III Men's Basketball National Championship in like 11 years!  Glad to see my alma mater represent!


Death to false metal!

@jasonjwilde: Wisconsin-Oregon at 6:45 CDT on @truTV. RT @marchmadness: Tip times announced for Sunday's games. #MarchMadness

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