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Pretty amazing ascension for this kid, the youngest foreign born player to ever be named a starter in the All Star game (22 years old).

Unfortunately for the Bucks the rest of the team has tanked the last 2 weeks, but they have struck gold with this kid and the future is bright. And the think he has a long way to go to reach his zenith... wow! 

come on Milwaukee.....oh, and Sam Decker is playing......he's the one white guy that can play.    Really sticks out though, is that a racist comment??  A white guy ???  Fun watching Milwaukee, as living in MN we only get the Timberwolves so, it's great seeing the Bucks.     

in the percentage of people aged 12 and over who drink at least once a month

Wisconsin was #2 in the 2008/9 survey, but has fallen to #4, behind Maine and Vermont.  New Hampshire was #1 both times.  The photo graph is interesting:

but it doesn't show that Minnesota, at #6 is only a percentage point behind Wisconsin, 60.4% to 59.4%.

The no-fun teetotalling states are filled with either Mormons or evangelical Christians as the case may be.

Wolverines invade the Kohl Center tonight.  Badgers coming off a trouncing of Ohio Stae while Meechigan is coming off a 6 point home win vs. Nebraska.  Here is a crappy preview:

Game is on ESPN at 8:00 Kohl Center Standard Time.   F'UM BUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bucks vs. Sixers

Down 8 with 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter to a 12-26 team. Playoff teams, especially playing at home, do not lose games like this. Sixers have had 8 different players hit 3 pointers so far.