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The lions were playing cover two, with 6 guys up front, daring us to run and trying to hide their 5th string DBs.


Why didn't we do what the Broncos have done since Welker's out??? They've been coming out in 2 TE sets to start the games. 

1. more blocking for Lacy

2. more run and pass blocking help for inadequate RTs.

3. Boykins can't catch or get open anyway

4. Play action like Nelson's TD against Jets (we were in 2 TE).

5. Take their D out of cover 2 or they'll get killed with better run blocking

6. more effective run game keeps our D off the field

7 We don't throw quick slants anymore. Now, it's all outside the hashmarks. Quickie to the TE over the middle would be nice to see again.

8. If Jordy's going to be doubled every play, daylight has to be somewhere for the running game.

9. Chit, we could even use motion again using one of the TEs and when the ball is snapped we have 2 TEs on one side. BRILLIANT!


Too bad stupidface seems to always fall back on going deep with his shiny toys.


Green and Gold, Baby!!!

Adds another wrinkle in off-season decision making process with regards to Melvin. Organization appears to have messed that up.

F the Bears




RODGERS on Bears D injuries: “My buddy who injured me last year, I think he got hurt, too.” (McClellan)


RODGERS: “I think it’s a talented group. They’re good at disguising. They rally to the ball… "


RODGERS: "Ball security is at an absolute premium when play Chicago.."


RODGERS: “Coldest I’ve ever been was in 2008, the night before we played Chicago. It was about minus-40. Next day was minus-25.”


RODGERS: on Bears defenses, there were gms when they would play 30 or 40 consecutive snaps of Tampa 2... and it was comical.


RODGERS: more on Bears defense, Now they're a little more aggressive. It's more of an attacking scheme.





NFC North TeamWLT PctPFPANet PtsTDHomeRoadDivPctConfPctNon-ConfStreakLast 5
Detroit Lions210.66761451672-00-11-01.0002-1.6670-01W2-1
Chicago Bears210.66775621390-12-00-0.0001-01.0001-12W2-1
Minnesota Vikings120.3335056-650-11-10-0.0001-1.5000-12L1-2
Green Bay Packers120.3335479-2561-00-20-1.0000-2.0001-01L1-2


D*mn..... -25 Net Pts..... that is so telling of what's the problem.  Lock this if it's been posted before.  Still makes me sick.   


Pitch to Lacy 4 yards deep!


....because it's football.


....because The Holiday Inn Macon has sweet "32 HD TV's (Color too!)


...because when the Packers suck, we still have schadenfreude.


...Go Jets.








Unfortunately, this kinda stuff is happening more and more.  But Roger will keep helping the owners to charge fans more and more money while good fans tend to stay away more and more.


After re-watching the game, I can only come to one conclusion; the Pack just is not that good.


Detroit was playing with a backup RT I believe and he gave up a strip sack to Julius Peppers inside the 15 yard line.


Stafford threw a terrible ball that that Clinton-Dix turned into the first INT by a Safety in 2 seasons. 


The Lions' rookie kicker missed an easy FG (after a brain-dead TO by MM) just before the half.


We won the TO battle 3-1. 


The Lions lost their starting middle linebacker (to an idiotic celebration leap), the Safety who returned Lacy's fumble for a TD, and were on their 6th CB (yes, they lost 3 CBs going into this game) as their nickle back.


Detroit had more penalties (and penalty yardage) than did GB.


Yet, despite the best performance by a Packer D in some time, the score was 19-7 and the game did not feel that close.


Detroit had 21 first downs to GBs 14 and outgained the Pack 353-223.


Detroit's OL, RBs, WRs, and DL were all clearly superior today. Jim Caldwell did not pull a "Schwartz" and bail us out.


I also don't think Rodgers is capable of carrying this group of players on his shoulders. He seems annoyed by the youth/turnover (Linsley, Adams, Rogers, etc.). I just don't seen any explosiveness or creativity on offense anymore. 


I confess I drank the cool aid being offered by MM (best he's ever felt about a team) and all the uncritical GB press about how talented this roster was. I was wrong. 


I bet i was not the only one who did not see this team clearly.






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