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If he looses to Brady.


Admire the



Savor the sides.... 



Cherish the friend and family.. understanding all they are...




Be thankful, not just for the asshats, not just for DNA, but for all who make every day, more interesting than the last.



It's never where you look, it's what you see.


Happy Thanksgiving x4!!!!!!



Yes I said their name. 




Very interesting stuff here. But as we all know, the problem is the owner. I could do a better job of running that franchise. Too bad I don't have the money to do so





A friend and I have been working on a translator for "coach speak."   Please check out these Belicheck comments on Green Bay vs. the translation:


And Belichick said that other quarterback on the field “always puts the ball in the right place” in stride.

“He does an excellent job in the pocket of extending plays, feeling the rush,” Belichick said of Rodgers. “He can run when he has to but he also is probably even more dangerous when he just buys extra time in the pocket and lets his receivers uncover and lifts it down the field to somebody for 20 or 30 yards that is able to get open because the play has been extended for another couple seconds. He just puts a tremendous amount of pressure on your defense as well as reading defenses and at times getting the offense into the right play or the right protection.

“They very rarely run a bad play where somebody is just unblocked or the play just doesn't have a chance. They do a great job — Coach McCarthy and Coach (Tom) Clements and Aaron do a great job of collectively, however it’s done, getting plays run where it’s hard on the defense because the defense is outnumbered or the defense doesn’t have any kind of advantage."



"That puny loser #12 put the ball in the right place about 3 times a game.   He runs around the pocket like a chicken with its head cut off.   We will sack him at least 12 times.  He spends way too much time holding the ball.  You wouldn't catch me letting Tommy boy do that!   McCarthy must be an idot!  He puts way too much pressure on his offensive line by taking that time.   And they're all cripples anyway.   We may have to break a sweat, but this game is ours.   Why even bother playing it?


Mc Carthy and Clements and #12 are going down.   I am going to sweet talk them all the way to loserville!   No one realizes what a lying putz I am!    I could rule the world!   In fact, I think I will some day.   Yeah, that's it.   The world!   Bwa ha ha!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!    No one knows!   NO ONE!    Fools!    They're all such fools!    They don't even realize that I have infiltrated their organization.   Yes, their coaching staff!    Yes, their fan base!   Especially the losers on TimesFour!   Do they really think those people are all really Packer fans?   FOOLS!"


Decent year...would love me some McKinney or Kendricks. Kendricks is an effin' beast...athletic enough to play ILB or OLB


Inside linebackers


1. *Benardrick McKinney, Mississippi St.
2. Denzel Perryman, Miami (Florida)
3. *Reggie Ragland, Alabama
4. Eric Kendricks, UCLA
5. Stephone Anthony, Clemson
6. Ramik Wilson, Georgia
7. A.J. Johnson, Tennessee
8. Hayes Pullard, USC
9. Ben Heeney, Kansas
10. Bryce Hager, Baylor


HH's latest rankings...If Derron Smith is #2, it's a bad, bad year. Dude isn't nearly the S Philip Thomas was, and he was a 4th round pick by the Redskins, was on the practice squad at one point and was cut, and is back with them because of injuries. Glad we got Ha-Ha because there is little help this year.




1. *Landon Collins, Alabama
2. Derron Smith, Fresno St.
3. Anthony Harris, Virginia
4. *Gerod Holliman, Louisville
5. Kurtis Drummond, Michigan St.
6. Clayton Geathers, Central Florida
7. Damarious Randall, Arizona St.
8. Cody Prewitt, Mississippi
9. Jordan Richards, Stanford
10. Isaiah Johnson, Georgia Tech


SI cover this week: Cream of the crop: Packers receiver Jordy Nelson


Well deserved,   but let's hope that SI cover jinx stays far, far, far away from Jordy!


Wake up, defense!

Who to root for between the booze, the turkey, the booze, the in-laws, the booze, and the pie?

Chi @ Det (painful to root for Chi here)
Phi @ Dal (Phi due to GB head to head) both teams 8-3
Sea @ SF (shoot me it's painful either way...both teams 7-4)

...because it's football.


....because it's football twice.


...because this gives Fedya twice the chance to be an annoying contrarian.

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