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"Rocket Fuel malt liquor. Damn!"

Pack now leading the league in offseason arrests. Good look.

And the beat goes on. 5 consecutive games with 10 or more hits. 5-0 Brewers in the 5th. 


July, National Ice Cream Month

An Eagles' blog ranked teams based on FootballOutsiders' Adjusted Games Missed stat to show the team has been the most healthy in football during Chip's two years:


While we all knew last year's Packer team was the healthiest we've seen of the MM era, seeing that they jumped from 31 to 3 is pretty staggering.

What makes this ranking so interesting is that last year is the first in which MM jumped on the sports science bandwagon. He even took some ideas directly from Philly, including the shakeup to the practice week structure.

Is this health sustainable given the team's new approach? It just might be. It can't be entirely written off as coincidence that the face of the new school tops this list while the stubbornly old-school Coughlin finished 32 in back to back years.

There's actually quite a bit of consistency throughout the list. 17 of the teams finished within 5 spots of their previous season rankings.

As long as hitting is still legal, contact injuries will still have the final say on health. All of the smoothies in the world wouldn't have prevented the injuries to Cobb and Rodgers that almost derailed the 2013 season. But we saw firsthand the dramatic drop in "preventable" injuries that have always plagued the Pack before 2014. Words like "hamstring," "pull" and "strain" were all but removed from the injury report, and this admittedly small sample size suggests they might stay a thing of the past.



I thought the first suspension was four games


"Rocket Fuel malt liquor. Damn!" 





This is a HUGE signing for Milwaukee. Now they have a true scorer in the low post, and a phenomenal rebounder. The guy can pass, and plays far better defense than has been advertised around the media outlets.


Now we have a starting Center! 16 ppg, 10 TRB, 2 AST - 20ppg 13TRB when at Center last year.




LMAO, we voters have to make our annual tough decisions!


I assume Rock is a lock.

Is there anyone on the Nominees list that we don't care about?

Just when you thought the roar was silenced and the junk was under control....

ESPN sources say Milwaukee and Khris Middleton are closing in on five-year, $70 million deal  2:00 AM - 1 Jul 2015


Not a max deal, not a bad contract from the Bucks perspective IMO 

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