"Shoulder sprain", Per MM on post game show.  Nothing further on the severity.


From the web:  Grade I shoulder sprain, your discomfort should ease within one to two weeks, and you will be able to resume normal activities as soon as you can move your shoulder through its normal range of motion without pain. If you have a Grade II sprain, your discomfort should lessen within two weeks, but it may take as long as six to eight weeks before you can return to your usual athletic activities. People with Grade III shoulder sprains often return to work within four weeks. Athletes who participate in contact sports, however, have a high risk of injuring the area again, so they often need three to five months of rehabilitation before returning to their sport."

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Mike Clemens with Bill Michaels 08-28-15
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So a friend of mine sends me a YouTube video of a bunch of dudes in Columbia out in the yard drinking it up and grilling some food. He tells me its something I need to watch. 


Its Columbians doing Columbian things like drinking stuff and balancing chefs knives on their faces while drinking. Columbians are crazy.  


I dont don't understand a word these guys are saying. And I'm ready to hit close when this guy lays out an entire trimmed tenderloin chain and starts to soak a kitchen towel in red wine. 


So now Im 180% invested. 


He lays out the red wine soaked towel and covers it with a thick layer of salt. Then some herbs that are either Rosemary or oregano. He puts the tenderloin on the towel, salt, herbs and wraps the entire thing up like a mission burrito. 


At this point Im going crazy what this drunk Columbian is up too. 


He ties off the red wine towel wrapped tenderloin and drops it directly onto a bunch of glowing coals. And then piles some coals on top of it. My mind is spinning now. That damn towel is burning right now and this Columbian is pouring a glass of wine. 


After what I believe to be 20 minutes he pulls this charred black, rock hard brick off the coals. It looks like things have gone horribly wrong. Then that nutty Columbian starts smashing the charred out brick with some tongs and starts peeling back layers of rock hard salt burnt towel and butchers twine to expose a perfectly grilled 130 degree filet. 


At this point I'm hyperventilating trying to process what I'm watching. 


As it turns out. This how they grill huge chunks of meat in South America. When $1,500 stainless grills aren't readily available you adapt. 


Did I try this myself? Of course I did. And it's foolproof. It's almost impossible to screw this up. The towel and the salt create this tempered chamber for the tenderloin. The more it burns the harder the shell gets that in turn protects the beef. 


All this time I've been poking, prodding, turning, checking temperature of a tenderloin while these guys wrap one up in a damn dish towel and drink. 


Its the easiest grilling method I've ever tried. And when you bring a crusted out charred kitchen towel into the kitchen everyone looks at you like you just completely ruined  dinner. But when you take the back side of a chefs knife and crack that thing open and expose that tenderloin it's like Santa popping out of the chimney. 


You don't have to Google translate the video. Just follow what he does. 20 minutes on the coals. Use a fire pit if you don't have a charcoal grill. Or a fireplace. 


Oh yeah, it works great with a pork tenderloin too. Or a bunch of chicken thighs. 


Just make sure you have a well stocked supply of towels....


Felt like started a thread...


If You Will Dare, I Will Dare


Interesting read


Preseason ACL Injuries Can Be Drastically Reduced. Here's How


Jordy Nelson's ACL tear didn't have to happen. Neither did Kelvin Benjamin's. Or Orlando Scandrick's: A non-contact injury, just like the others. Many of the other ACL tears, hamstring pulls and soft-tissue injuries that have plagued this preseason did not have to happen.





"Rocket Fuel malt liquor. Damn!" 

Maybe a ROOKIE will flash in Lambeau.


So this afternoon I received a playoff invoice from the ticket office for $1,019 (due Sep. 5th).  Obviously I was shocked because I wasn't expecting a playoff invoice until, at the earliest, late-November.


Apparently this year they are offering an Early Entry Pay as we Play option that gives a discounted price for the Wild Card game (assuming we get it).


Interesting approach to Playoff Tickets, and something I didn't expect at all.  You have to reserve them by Sep. 5, but are not charged until a game is clinched.



More trouble with alleged rape involving a Chicago athlete...

Lil Wayne is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana, and like many other New Orleans sports fans, he isn't much of a fan of the city's actual teams. Instead of riding with the New Orleans Saints as his favorite NFL team, Lil Wayne has shed his geographic sports birthright by becoming a Green Bay Packers fan. 

Appearing on ESPN's "First Take" on Monday, he explained exactly how he became such a huge Packers fan.

Here's how he explained he became a lifelong Cheesehead: Lil Wayne's father went to Super Bowl XXXI in New Orleans in 1997 and watched the Packers defeat the New England Patriots. Wayne, who was 14 years old at the time, saw his dad buy all kinds of Packers gear for the family. 

"The Packers won, pops came home with Packers everything, cups, towels," he said.

But none of those souvenirs were for sentimental viewing and safe-keeping. Coming from a poor family, every item was used for utility ahead of whatever ornamental purpose they could've served.

As he explained, "They get put with the real towels. You bathe and use those towels every day and those cups are used every day. I had to use a Green Bay Packers cup, a Green Bay Packers towel every day." 

When the 1998 edition of "Madden NFL" came out later that year, Lil Wayne, having ostensibly showered in nothing but Packers towels, was all-in on rooting for the Pack. Playing the video game using Packers quarterback and three-time NFL MVP Brett Favre was enough to push the Saints to the wayside.  

"I'm a Green Bay fan forever ... There is no comparison [between the Packers and the Saints]," he told First Take's Stephen A. Smith after making an obvious Super Bowl prediction:    

"The @packers are the team I have going to the Super Bowl every year." - @LilTunechi


Full article here:

Lil Wayne's Explanation Of How He Became A Packers Fan Is Deep

Click for full game report!