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Mini Reid





JJ Watt





Smokin' Jay's a pussy





Erin Andrews does CM3






Punted six years for the Packers, 1985-1990

Accordting to other media reports, Bracken had MRSA. says he holds the Packer record with 10 punts in one game, which is unfortunately a statement on how inept the Packers offense could be back in the pre-Ron Wolf days.  Imagine the freakout here if Tim Masthay had 10 punts in a game.


.....Letroy Guion one of 10 key players who will determine how their teams do for the rest of the season.


NT Letroy Guion, Packers 

Letroy Guion's ability to play run defense is vital to the Packers' title hopes. [Duane Burleson/AP)Letroy Guion’s ability to play run defense is vital to the Packers’ title hopes. (Duane Burleson/AP)

Green Bay has one of the league’s top offenses, a defense that features Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers coming off the edge and excellent cornerback play. The Packers have had problems, however, when their opponents make a concerted effort to run the ball, especially with the lead. For going on two years, the Packers can’t make the stops to get Aaron Rodgers the ball back. With an undersized defensive interior, that’s not going to change anytime soon. The run defense sinks or swims with Guion, the lone big and experienced body up front. If he goes down or struggles, the Packers could be in big trouble.




Because it's football, and because Blair is held up at a Waffle House.

Gotta love Brees with the INT.

Julius Randle breaks his leg in his first NBA game.  That is some **** luck.  



McCarthy knows that Capers is a keeper.


It happened




Come on, you know you've thought about it.   Our run defense is LAST.   The last few seasons our defense has been more of a liability than a strength.  


Bert only got one ring in Green Bay.  I want Aaron to get more than one!   Let's not waste his prime years with a defense that stacks the deck against him.


Is it our personnel, or our Coordinator?   If it's personnel, it's TT's job to make it right.   They certainly have made changes this year.   They let Pickett and Jolly walk to create a leaner, faster DL.   Of course, they didn't plan on Raji's season-ending injury.   They knew last year that our ILB's were terrible, and did not address it.   Thankfully at least Brad Jones is riding the bench and we at least get a chance to see if Lattimore or Barrington might help.   We know Hawk is a liability in many ways, but that the coaches consider him an extra coach on the field.


I submit the following premise:   if it IS Dom's fault, why wait until the end of the season to replace him?  Okay, I get that many of the best candidates to replace him are tied down to a contract in the middle of their season.  Is there an assistant coach on the Packers who could do better, or at least could come up with a scheme to give us a better chance to make it to the playoffs and hopefully beyond?   


I have to admit I was surprised when Kevin Greene quit.   I loved his fire and passion.   Might it be that he didn't like working with Dom and would consider coming back as a DC?


I know emotions may run high on this.  Many may consider it a radical proposal.  I just think it's a question that needs to be asked.  I'm wearing my asbestos underpants, so fire away!


Bucs in fire sale mode with Jonathan Casillas to the Patriots and Mark Barron to the Rams (sounds like a 4th & 6th for Barron).


...because it's football.


...because Casa de Kiel has cable.


...because I'm so over last night.

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