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Has this been posted already??  

The Arizona Cardinals signed veteran linebacker Desmond Bishop again, cutting linebacker Victor Butler, Aaron Wilson of the National Football Post reports.

He spent last season on injured reserve with the Minnesota Vikings due to a torn anterior cruciate ligament.

For the season, Bishop had four tackles in four games.

Bishop was sidelined the 2012 season with the Green Bay Packers due to a hamstring injury.


Cardinals sign Desmond Bishop, cut Victor Butler




Consider it the “In Your Facebook Factor.”

The Journal Sentinel has obtained data from Facebook that breaks down most all counties in the U.S. based on “likes” posted by Facebook users. The map visualizing how NFC North teams measure up against one another shows Green Bay dominating not only the hearts and minds of Facebook fans in Wisconsin, but owning souls in most of the country, including Alaska and Hawaii.




We get Ponder as the starter, and Paul Allen will be heard exclaiming "Why do you even ponder passing at this point?" Packers roll, Lacey gets untracked and goes over 100 yards, Adams gets his first NFL TD. Pack up 27-10 at half and win going away, 41-20.



Call me a softy. But I'm touched by KC's ending their long drought.


Tonite I'm a Royals fan first.


Not sure where to put this, but sounds like the FCC killed the blackout rule.  I think that means that the NFL cannot force the stations to blackout games if a certain % of seats aren't sold.  I think it's a pretty big deal, a few article I read, said that the NFL put on a full court press to make sure this rule would not be changed.  Maybe this is the beginning of the NFL getting taken down a few notches.  Next up, non-profit status?  If that goes away, I can guarantee that the NFL will be looking for new leadership.      








"Wake up to find out, that you are the eyes of the world..."

Get to the person with the ball.  If it is tipped your way, you'll be in position to catch it.


Haven't seen this posted anywhere. Sorry if it has been posted!


Two babies sum up game in one photo. Story here.


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Wake up, defense!

Fox sports reporting




...because it's football.


...because it's not a bad match-up.


Just wondering if any of those guys played Sunday.   I never heard their names called.


Speaking of trying to change things up, Lacy was great last season, but why they heck

don't they give Starks or Harris a few reps if Lacy can't find a hole?



Baffled in Boise

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