Probably talking golf




...because it's football.


...because I've seen "A Charlie Brown Christmas" 54 times.


...because I always sigh a bit at the last MNF game of the year.

BBC Obituary for 1970s/80s singer best known for his raspy voice

His hit "You Are So Beautiful"

was later used in a soap commercial

Cocker later hit #1 with this duet:

Cocker was also parodied for the way he moved his head and body when he sang, but I couldn't find a good vdeio of those.

The Packers are favored by 7 points




Funny comment from the above thread:

"Children conceived during the celebration of the last Lions win in Wisconsin, are now of legal drinking age."



The Packers are in the playoffs for the sixth straight season, a feat they also accomplished under coach Mike Holmgren from 1993-'98. They've made the post-season 17 times in the last 22 years after qualifying twice in the 25 years before that.

No matter what happens come playoff time, this is pretty damn impressive. We Packer fans are a spoiled bunch.


...because Seattle are azzholes.


...because Pete Carroll is an azzhole.


...because I want those azzholes  to come to Lambeau in January.




I have a feeling a Clausen-led Bores team will be just as hilarious as Cutler.


Gorguesness and gourguesly made flesh


Probably the best tackling day of the season.





Team Defense and pass rush



Stupid penalties

Special teams not so special again



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