after Braun's dong, things went south





Looks like Suh is up to play dirty again this season


2014 Preseason Week 3 Oakland @ Green Bay  Gamecenter






Numbers to look for:

#6  Kevin Dorsey

#20 CB Jumal Rolle

#39 CB Demetri Goodson

#45 LB Jake Doughty

#64 DT Mike Pennel

#80 TE Justin Perillo

#83 Jeff Janis

#91 LB  Jayrone Elliott
#97 DE Luther Robinson


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Game Preview

Final Thoughts Raiders vs Packers;type=trafficSpeeds


Lots of construction going on. Anyone heading to the game plan accordingly.


Probably the last time he sets foot on Lambeau Field as a player. Talk about two entities that needed each other. 


White House on 3. No question true fans honor a great Packer. 


Thanks Charles.

Out of character for haudricourt to write something like this. While th didn't mention it, with yo's contract up soon and wily around the corner moving Braun certainly is something to think about. That and Melvin went out and acquired a gold glove corner outfielder.


Move this if it has already been posted.  But I didn't see it anywhere.


So, I guess the top guard for the first 50 years of the NFL still isn't good enough for the HOF.


Has anyone done a documentary about this?  What is the reason for his exclusion?  I've heard things that he rubbed the press the wrong way, or tried to take "solo" credit for the infamous block in the Ice Bowl, but really?  that's the problem?  There has to be something else.  Did Jerry bet on football like Hornung and Karas?  Did Jerry sleep with Rozelle's wife?


There must be a reason.






Pay to play



Nope this greed thing won't ever kill this sport.


I still have no faith



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