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smell the dissension 


"Rocket Fuel malt liquor. Damn!" 

didn't know where to post this, have you seen these ads???  I thought Eli's was rather silly, but I thought Tony Roma's was hilarious. really is terrible he had bad back problems...even in spite of them he's still a great player, and easily a top 5 guy in MLS.


Rimando's save vs Harry Kane was outstanding...Kane is one of the best players in England...people compare him a lot to Wayne Rooney.


Wheeler and Flores are first mentioned to Crew.



Carlos goes to teh Mets for Wheeler and Flores. 


As training camp opens tomorrow, who are the nominations for the Craig "Heimey" Roadgrader Heimberger award for the no name training camp player who will garner the most excitement from the packer faithful only to fail to make the final roster?

Tori Gurley anyone?

Nominations please!!


Dumb$hit assaults a Mexican TV reporter at the airport after their Gold Cup win.


What a moran.




Nike had these up and then took it down as it leaked early.


well Nike took the link down...but....What do you think of the Green Bay Packers (potential) 3rd jersey this season?







"Rocket Fuel malt liquor. Damn!" 

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