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10,000 Snaps

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No, not that.  This

How incredible is this.  He has to go down as one of the best NFL players of all time.  Not as sexy as a QB, but Joe has been a dominant force at his position since he started the game.  I know there is a dumbass philosophy to judge players by superbowl rings and Joe likely will never have one (just imagine, 22 QB's were told "hey, Joe Thomas will be your left tackle" and they still all failed miserably), but what he has done (availability and accountability) is second to none.  

My favorite story about him will be that instead of going to the draft, or even watching it, he was fishing with his dad when he got picked.  

Crew at Bucs

To the 9th with Knebel on the mound and no series thread?

You people.™

Because no one cares

Because Dom isn't coaching either defense

Go Gnats! For tonight only. 

Ticket Advice

I am fairly sure tickets and the entire game day experience in Green Bay has been covered here before, but I browsed through the archives and could not find previous discussions.  I am bringing my son and daughter to the New Orleans game on 10/22 and am looking for the best place to buy tickets....or if anyone on this site has tickets that they might be looking to sell.  Been to one game at Lambeau before - of course it had to be the first game after Rodgers broke his collarbone and we got to watch Seneca Wallace and Scott Tolzien take center stage.  Didn't have to search for tickets for that game because a family member knew BJ Raji, but I am having trouble finding three tickets at a reasonable price and decent seat location this time around. Also would like to know if there are any sections which I should avoid.  Any advice is greatly appreciated....thanks! 

On to Cincinnati

**** it. 2 games in 10 days. Walking wounded. Time to suck it up. 


+ Kevin King looks like he could be a good pick.   Tackled well and played aggressive. 

+ Monty had a good game. 

+ Cobb, before getting hurt in a game that was essentially over, was playing well.



- Randall, House, Rollins played scared.

- Watching Rodgers get decleated in a meaningless situation. 

- Too many more to list.   I didn't expect a victory, but disappointing to not even compete.