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You know, don't you think Popovich is a little hypocritical criticizing Pachulia for getting up under Leonard when one of his guys, Bruce Bowen FAMOUSLY did this in the 2000s Title runs?  



"The league is just trying to cover its ass,” Popovich said. “I told Bruce, ‘You be Bruce Bowen. You’re the best (expletive) defender in this league. You will NOT change the way you play defense.’

“Stu Jackson is not going to change my team just because he thinks he’s doing the right thing.”

- Greg Popovic (2006)

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It sucks Kawhi got hurt. Nobody wants to see that. 

But it's completely idiotic to even suggest it was a "dirty play" or Zaza meant to do it. 

It's basketball, both guys were competing for the ball. End of story. 

Kawhi missed the game vs. Houston & the Spurs blew them out without Kawhi. 

Staying healthy is part of the game. 

Pop is just beside himself because he thought theY could steal one.

Heard the Spurs were 362-0 under Pop when leading any game by 25 or more.

Pretty impressive comeback by the Warriors. 

Should make for a good finals matchup.  Except for Washington and Boston series (and maybe Milwaukee and Toronto) the playoffs have been awful. 

Bucks need one more player and I think they can give Cleveland a run.  They've been competitive against those guys as is but Milwaukee, not Washington or Toronto or even Boston, is in the best shape the next 3 years to try to unseat the Cavs in the East. 

Sign a guy like Kyle Lowry and I think Milwaukee can get there next year. 

The Bucks are more than one player away... they still lack 3 point shooting, and two of their core players are coming off serious injuries that cast some doubt on their long term effectiveness. 

Maybe that one player is a PG- but even if you add Lowry I don't think they challenge the Cavs unless the answers to all the questions (Parker and Middleton overcoming serious injuries to become All Stars, Maker becomes a true star) are a resounding yes. 

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