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Cuz it's never too early!

Current draft order...will update weekly.


  1. Cleveland (0-10) .525
  2. San Francisco (1-9) .532
  3. New York Giants (2-8) .509
  4. Denver (3-7) .475
  5. Indianapolis (3-7) .484
  6. Chicago (3-7) .560
  7. Los Angeles Chargers (4-6) .463
  8. Cincinnati (4-6) .475
  9. Oakland (4-6) .488
  10. Arizona (4-6) .494
  11. Cleveland - from Houston (4-6) .509
  12. New York Jets (4-6) .516
  13. Washington (4-6) .522
  14. Miami (4-6) .541
  15. Tampa Bay (4-6) .563
  16. Dallas (5-5) .475
  17. Buffalo (5-5) .503
  18. Green Bay (5-5) .544
  19. Seattle (6-4) .465
  20. Detroit (6-4) .497
  21. Baltimore* (5-5) .458
  22. Tennessee* (6-4) .447
  23. Atlanta* (6-4) .579
  24. Los Angeles Rams* (7-3) .494
  25. Buffalo - from Kansas City* (6-4) .469
  26. Jacksonville* (7-3) .434
  27. Carolina* (7-3) .551
  28. Minnesota* (8-2) .503
  29. Pittsburgh* (8-2) .463
  30. New Orleans* (8-2) .544
  31. New England* (8-2) .497
  32. Philadelphia* (9-1) .421



There isn’t enough movement, there is too much Iso 1 on 1. Because no one can shoot, Giannis has no way to get in the paint. They turn the ball over way too much- and that just saps all their defensive energy. They’re missing layups, open 3s... everything. 

Good NBA coaches have figured them out. And Kidd not coaching is just about the same as Kidd on the floor coaching. So, congrats on the baby girl...

the coaching staff needs and aenima...

It's Steelers Week

QB problem? What problem?

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Mike McCarthy isn’t pulling a Sean McDermott when it comes to his quarterback.

The Green Bay Packers coach said after Sunday’s shutout loss to the Baltimore Ravens that he plans to stick with Brett Hundley, and he reiterated it a day later with another vote of confidence for his struggling fill-in for Aaron Rodgers.

“I’ll just say it again: I believe in Brett Hundley. I believe in Brett Hundley as a quarterback, and I believe he will improve,” McCarthy said Monday. “And that’s where we are.”


“Anytime your passing game isn’t quite what you want it to be, the first thing, and it’s the baseline, is you just have to look at the timeclock,” McCarthy said. “Every play design has a timeclock as far as the protection, creating the proper platform to give the quarterback and the receivers the timeclock to win.

So whether it’s the releases or breaking points of the perimeter group, or is it the footwork and the release of the football, we need to be better there, and that will definitely be a focus for Brett this week.”

Hundley crumbled under pressure against the Ravens, who sacked him six times. According to ESPN Stats & Information, Hundley was pressured (sacked or under duress) 18 times, the most for a Packers quarterback since 2015. Hundley threw two of his three interceptions and lost a fumble when pressured.

“I thought he actually did a good job getting to the perimeter and creating time in the scramble phase, but I don’t think our scramble spacing was quite what it could be,” McCarthy said. “That’s something that we’ll focus on as an emphasis this week from the offense’s perimeter. It will come out of the self-scout segment of our game plan.”

Umm, Mike. Hundley had plenty of space to step up. He just didn't do it. just like he didn't do it in previous games. Oh, and UCLA. #nothingnew

1998 Wimbledon Ladies' Singles champion dies at 49 after cancer battle

Novotná finally won the singles at Wimbledon in 1998 after losing in the final twice, memorably in 1993.  After losing a tight first set to Steffi Graf, Novotná started beating the crap out of Steffi for a set and a half, to get up 4-1 in the third and have points to go up 5-1.  At that point she choked, almost unable to get a ball in play, and lost the third set 6-4.  At the time, Wimbledon didn't didn't have a miked commentator on court for the trophy presentation, just the Duchess of Kent who was the head of the All-England Club at the time.  When the Duchess told Jana, "I know you can do it," Jana broke down on Centre Court and became one of the most popular runners-up, which made the 1998 victory that much more popular.

Novotná was also an outstanding doubles player, winning 12 majors in women's doubles and four in mixed.

**** cancer.

The topic of whether or not is is time to move on from MM and/or TT is being addressed in many of the threads on this forum - thought it might make sense to focus on it here.  

Honestly, I have been more of a supporter of MM than I have TT, who I believe, as head personnel manager, has failed to address some of the specific needs, like inside linebacker, TE (until the last two seasons), that have possibly kept the Packers out of at least two more Super Bowls.  I've admired MM's approach, and his "we're nobody's underdog" mentality, but I believe the stubbornness he consistently displays has become detrimental to the team and is now reason enough to move on from him.  His refusal to address special teams play for so long, and then replacing Slocum with another mediocre coach is one example, his backing of Dom Capers when his defense has consistently and embarrassingly failed him at the most important times is perhaps the most obvious, and now, his refusal to acknowledge that Brett Hundley cannot win in this league is the nail in the coffin.  Hundley's lack of development over the last three years is clearly evident and, for me, contradicts the notion in the media that MM is a QB guru. It's also an indictment of TT's ability to evaluate QB talent, with draft gems like Hundley, Ingle Martin and Brian Brohm, and FA pickups like Seneca Wallace, Scott Tolzien and Vince Young. 

I think it is time for Mark Murphy and the Board to seriously consider finding a new GM and coach.  There is a reason that NFL head coaches rarely reach the length of tenure as has MM....opponents learn tendencies and his own team learns to shut him off.  If the Packers want to be content with a Marty Schottenheimer type who will lead them to the playoffs most years, then sticking with MM is fine.  But Schottenheimer never had a QB with the talent of Aaron Rodgers, and it is a shame that his best years are being wasted.  Rodgers takes pretty good care of himself, and has indicated that he wants to play into his late 30's-early 40's, so the window of opportunity to ride a HOF QB into a couple of more Super Bowls is shrinking.  MM's a good, loyal man and stubborn to a fault.  Both he and TT have benefited from the presence of two HOF quartbacks.  That luxury is nearing its end...time to move on while there is still time.  

I've noticed most of Hundley's good throws are quick reads to Adams, so I went and broke down his stats to Adams and his stats on other throws. It's remarkable the difference between throwing to Adams (and Cobb) relative to everyone else. 

He's targeted Adams 43 times in 5 games. 

27-43 for 335 yards, 2 TDs, and 0 interceptions. 102.3 QB rating. 7.8 YPA. His stats look like Aaron Rodgers when he's targeting Adams. 

He's targeted Cobb 22 times in 5 games. 

16-22 for 187 yards, 0 TDs and 1 Interception. 79.1 QB rating. 8.5 YPA. Not great, but acceptable. 

He's targeted other WRs 92 times in 5 games. 

He's 52-96 for 418 yards, 0 TDs, and 6 interceptions. 39.3 QB rating. 4.3 YPA. His stats are the worst in the NFL when throwing to everyone else. He's thrown interceptions targeting Jordy Nelson (3 times), Allison, Kendricks, and M. Bennett. His stats to Nelson are almost beyond belief. 

34 targets to Jordy 

15-34 for 142 yards, 0 TDs and 3 interceptions. 19.5 QB rating. 4.2 YPA. 

I don't know what it means, but he's turned Jordy into one of the least productive WRs in the NFL. And there's no way it's Jordy's fault. 

Afternoon Games

Nathan Peterman....the "hand-picked" QB for the new Buffalo Bulls "regime" has thrown....not 1...not 2 or even 3....

Not even FOUR.....but

FIVE Interceptions!!

In the first HALF!!