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STRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRETCCCHHHHHHHH!!!!! Don't rush back boys - Would much rather have you healthy for the game vs. Carolina than either...

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I think he meant what used to be "day 1" (1st-3rd rounder). I could see him being a 4th rounder too. YMMV

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Caution not to look too far into this, but Packers receiver Davante Adams went through the stretching period at start of practice for...

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Tom Silverstein ‏ Verified account @ TomSilverstein 31m 31 minutes ago WR Davante Adams took part in warmups for the first time since...

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I think the whole "Mahomie may play" is just propaganda. If he does it means the initial injury report was out and out fabricated with...

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1st round or what used to consist of a day one pick? No fucking way he’s a 1st rounder.

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No matter who loses this game, it will mean little in the grand scheme for both teams. The League & NBC are definitely trying to...

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I agree with PACKFANINCOLORADO ; @ Chiefs (w/o Mahomes) - W @ Chargers - W (Home field - "west" advantage!) Panthers - W @ 49ers - L...

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Playing Mahomes this week would be coaching (and general manager) malpractice. If he stays even remotely healthy, he's a superstar for...

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Rushing your franchise QB back for a non-conference game? That would be brilliant.