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David Stearns just set up flexibility to move minor league tallant for whatever gives value if the need arises. Huge move. Lots of...

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From the link: What nearly all these pundits fail to grasp is “I can’t answer these questions” is not the same thing as “These questions...

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The regular milk stout or the nitro you pictured? I know people rave about the nitro beers, but I do not find them appealing.

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The JSO article states that Moose will get spring training reps at 2B. Kinda hope that he rather than Shaw moves when it all shakes out.

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It's going to be fun watching CC adjust lineups on a day-to-day basis. I also hope this means that Shaw and Aguilar function as almost a...

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Oh my panties are absolutely moist with anticipation of Traitor talking about education. Can't type right now Traitor, I'll be back...

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Wifey got me tickets SF Giants vs Brew Crew in Milwaukee. Thx Wifey😎😁

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Ownership is serious as hell about winning a World Series....damn refreshing.
Blair Kiel

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Watching, and it is very fun watching em all show off. Love it. Now, just hope Mr. Fear the Dear can win this thing. I gotta get some...