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Man, wouldn't this be great? Japan allows fans to attend baseball games And before that you could watch the games on tv because they...

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Do they report data on hospitalizations? Even if people recover, the health care costs could really wipe out some of these already...

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Another record high in Wisconsin with 754 positives. But also a record high in tests so the % was almost the same as yesterday at 5.7%.

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The β€œOctober Surprise” IS THE VACCINE!!!!! Yeehaaaa.....tRump will win in Nov, and sports will be back, like the schools being back in...

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The Fighting Irish belong with the Red Sox, the Yankees, Taylor Swift, and any other property that is artificially relevant because the...

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Notre Dame still isn't in a conference, right? They may have no games this fall. Though their odds of no games isn't really that...

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Minnesota Lutefisk Typical of the Viks, a reclamation of another's cast-off. I'm guessing the feast mentioned seemed like the greatest...

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If we're going for a fish name, carp seems appropriate as well, 'cause you know, they suck.

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I vote for "Muskies". The big elusive fish - sort of like allusion to the Vikings elusive quest for a big fish (SB).
Ghost of Lambeau