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NFL votes to require players to wear full pads in 2013 I don't know what changes there have been to the rules in the five years since.

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We're wasting a lot of money, as a franchise. The list of things we need is much shorter than what we currently have. I mean, I guess...

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Maybe the NFL needs to regulate the types of pads and the amount of pads players are required to use. Seems like the majority of players...

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I know you're being a wiseass... but football as we knew it just a few years ago and beyond is long gone. There are many diehard...

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Broxton tracked it perfectly...if not there would have hit about 2 feet from the top of the wall.
Blair Kiel

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I was waiting for a loss from the 6th inning on. Glad to see the pitching hunker down like that. Shaw has an OPS of .797 with RISP, but...

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How close was that fly out? Their first Sunday win in seems like forever. They’re all fixed now, right? Right????
Music City

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Hundley will get you half way there. Is that pile jumping?

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Chacin does his part, Jeffress shuts down the 7th. I’m guessing Harder will finish this...
Music City

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Going back to an earlier comment someone made ... I agree that after some rookies flash surprising talent in pre-season, they should be...

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I'm already trying to get excited for 0-0 ties.

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Don’t care if my boyfriend IS a primadonna.....HE’S the best damn QB in the league and can be whatever the hell he wants to be,...