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I was wondering about that if he even saw the field. In a cut up someone posted a couple weeks ago, MVS had some nice grabs early in the...
EC Pack

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++++We swept the NFC North this season and next season looks as if we may do that, again. IMO, It's key in getting to the playoffs. We...

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Nonsense. It was a weird yet good season. Coaches need to learn as much as players. What encourages me overall is there is a healthy...

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Looked as tho Petine decided he was not going to let the 49ers pass their way up and down the field. At least he can say that was ...

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Just saw where MVS had a single snap from scrimmage yesterday. For a guy many were excited about before the season he turned into a...

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<<THIS>> Great post. You can't teach speed. SF is way much faster than GB and it showed in Week 12 and yesterday. Hopefully,...

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Their entire front four is first round picks. 3 of their own (Bosa-2nd, Buckner-7th, Armstead-17th) and Dee Ford (KC 1st round- 23rd)...

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I can guarantee damn tee you that McCarthy would have thrown it 25 times yesterday if he coached SF.


The athleticism of their WR's over ours showed in the limited times they touched the ball....bigger / stronger / more athletic to break...

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+ Team was incredibly healthy this year. Players praised ML's weekly approach and how fresh they felt. A huge change from constant hammy...

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I have to keep this season in perspective and look at this as Year 1 of a multi-year process of building a true championship team. It...

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You cannot coach speed. Pettine lined up in base 3-4 to stop the run almost the entire game. Guess what happened? SF had a large speed...

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BM also has the communication in his helmet. Something to be said for that. Getting rid of Pettine doesn't help the growth of this defense.