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I’ll bet you my $100 to your $50 that you’re wrong. As cock sure as you are presenting yourself, the bet should be a no-brainer. Or in...
Chickenboy of Rubechat

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Yeah, but Luck is retiring with his brain probably more intact than Favre's and Luck walks off with $97 million at 29. Heck, I'd...

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Case Keenum will have a better season statistically for the Redskins than Buzz Cuzz will have for the Suckqueens. Mark it down.

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Well, she two years older than Suzanne Somers. (But four years younger than Elke Sommer.)

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That's what happened to Rodgers for the past 2 years minimum. People worry about his health when his ****ing Oline was getting him...

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If you would have told me Luck would retire before RG3 I would have laughed at you. Hell, if you would have told me Luck would retire...

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What did Indy expect after having terrible OL for years and letting him get battered. Ryan Grigson should have to pay back Luck’s bonus...
Grave Digger