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Reply to "2016 (Team 96) PRE WK4 GB @ SF Gameday Thread"

Timmy! posted:
FLPACKER posted:

Both Guion & Clark inactive tonight. D-line will be stressed if these two are not healthy by opener. 

I just saw the inactive list, and was disappointed to see Thomas, Ripkowski, and Burnett listed, in addition to Clark and Guion. Not sure why Rip and Thomas are unless I missed an injury update.
Concur we need some luck with health, especially to our starters.

Edited to add we are thin at C also. I would expect Barclay will have extended time there in the 2nd half.

Thomas is fighting for a spot.  I don't think he's elligible for PS anymore either.  Bummer for him, he was playing well.

I suppose he will get some time next week, but we're at what, 87?

Have to be at 75 on Tuesday I believe.  Time is running short for bubble guys.