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I've never bitched about Ted or Rodgers. So don't lump me into you're misguided bull**** thinking. You put you're stake in the ground in support of Dom. You stand by that. And **** you!

Didn't say you complained about them, but this whining about Dom Capers is at the same level as those who b*tch(ed) about Ted and Rodgers. I'm not even saying you're wrong, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, it's that this lame a$$ whining has gone on for 8 F*CKING YEARS. Any time someone here wants to talk about this team the thread gets littered with b*tching with pessmistic Dom Capers bullsh*t. You guys have a lot of football knowledge and insight, stop wasting it on the same lame a$$ Dom Capers talk. 

Every X4 post contains the following:

-A noun

-A verb

-Capers sucks/Janis/b-b-but injuries...

You forgot dangling participles (teehee) as well as my favorite, down and dirty adjectives.