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Reply to "2019 Free Agency Moves/Trades/Releases"

packerboi posted:
CUPackFan posted:

How I'd fix the Packers OLB problem:

1) Cut Nick Perry.  This guy played the financial game right - showed just enough in his first 4 years to make his 5th season look like a break out and cash in on free agency, only to revert back to the injury plagued player he was early in his career once he got the money.  Big cap hit here but they just need him gone.   

There's been a repeated story about Perry and his practice habits under MM and Moss. Apparently, well, there wasn't much of them. Story goes Perry was lazy as fu** during closed practices and barely did anything. MM would coddle him using Perry's latest umpteenth injury as an excuse and Moss turned the other way and didn't give a shit. 

It rubbed a lot of other guys the wrong way who actually, you know, practiced and practiced hard yet weren't getting playing time. 

Seems like we're hearing more and more about the complacency under MM in his later years. And the more we hear, the more I'm shaking my head. 

Wow!  I am kind of scratching my head as to why you coddle someone who is constantly hurt and never sees the field.   I was strongly on the keep MM camp but the more I hear and read I was totally wrong.

As for Perry's cap hit I could be wrong (and please correct me if I am) but wouldn't the dead money hit be over 10M? I would like to see the guy gone but can they afford to do that?