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MichiganPacker2 posted:
packerboi posted:

He will, well, maybe play the Packers hard but the Bears will soon find out what GB and Wash did. Which is he will take plenty of plays off and 1/2 ass it up and down the field and avoid contact at all costs. 

Very happy to have Amos. His history says he will work hard. 

The fact he's on a one year contract means the Bears have a shot at getting something out of him. One year and 3.5 million dollars is a great risk for them. It's likely he'll play his best two games of the year against the Packers. 

As recently as the preseason in 2017, Dix had been pegged to get about 5 years and 55 million with over 30 million guaranteed on an extension. That contract would have been a disaster. 


Poor HaHa had no way of knowing that the Packers would finally realize that Ted, the guy who drafted him and no doubt would have given him that big contract (if not more), was not of sound mind and replace him with Gutey after the 2017 season.

Too bad Murphy could not have moved a bit earlier in 2017 and stopped Ted from lavishing that big contract on another of his first rounders Nick Perry.