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Reply to "Bucks at mostly former Bucks (Pistons)"

Music City posted:

The key to the title hopes rest on two players- Middleton and Bledsoe. If they get going forward what they got last night, they can run this roster back for the length of Bledsoe’s contract and expect greatness.

Next year, two teams are going to be back in the ring- Golden State and Brooklyn. The Bucks must get their title pedigree this year. It’s theirs to take. 

Agreed with one additional key - Giannis' FT shooting. 

In the 3 close losses in the ECF last year (Games 3, 5, and 6), Giannis was 11 for 26 from the line. 

He was 2 for 7 in Game 3 during regulation and that went OT. 

I believe Games 5 and 6 were one possessions games within the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter. 

If he hits 75% of his FTs in 2 of those games, the Bucks are likely defending champs right now.