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Reply to "Bucks at mostly former Bucks (Pistons)"

Music City posted:
MichiganPacker2 posted:

To turn those 9 guys from the opening roster two seasons ago and the salary cap mess associated with that into what for the following net cost is unbelievable. 

Malcolm Brogdon, one first round pick, and 2 second round picks. The remaining first round pick is next year's. If Giannis stays that's not going be better than the late 20s.  

Can you believe that Leuer, Hawes, and Larry friggin Sanders will cost the Bucks $7M in cap space next year (which will be the last for Leuer and Hawes while Sanders will still have 2 more year at $1.8M)? That’s Ilyasova (who will also be off the books after 2021)- the Bucks will have $13-14M in cap space to fill a role player slot or extend Divincenzo if they’re so inclined by then. 

The cap is not growing- it’s expected to reduce a bit next year. The Bucks will go into the tax re-signing Giannis if they cannot rid themselves of the dead money. The CBA runs through 23-24, which if Giannis extends this summer will get the Bucks through 2 years of that contract. I am sure Saratsis is factoring while they mull the extension offer from the Bucks this summer. That little bit of uncertainty could be a monkey wrench... 

Why would that be any more of a monkey wrench for the Bucks than anyone else?

As I've said before, if Giannis leaves Milwaukee because he believes he can't win a title with what he has around him, he's in some ways worse than Durant, James, Kawhi, etc. 

There wasn't a wall of Raptors in front of him when he started airballing FTs in the ECFs. If he shoots 5 of 7 from the FT in Game 3 (instead of 2 for 7) that's the difference (the game went to OT). In the 7 previous games in the playoffs that were "pressure" games (I don't count the Pistons series), he went 45 for 65 and shot 71%. All of sudden he goes on the road to Toronto and Drake bothers him and he becomes Shaq at the line? 

Middleton has been surprisingly good this year and he's a 45% career 3 point shooter in the playoffs. At worst, he's the guy that other team can't let beat them from 3. Bledsoe may struggle, but they have Donte D. to give them some minutes there they didn't last year. The key for the playoffs may end up being when Giannis has to shoot 18-20 FTs a game when the defenses go "Jordan Rules" on him in the playoffs. He can't be putting up 11-20 or 10-23 type performances at the line. 

There is going to be a time when he has to close out a game at the line. That's what may be the difference between a Finals trip and a loss to the Raptors/Celtics/Heat/Sixers.