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Reply to "Bucks at mostly former Bucks (Pistons)"

fightphoe93 posted:

30 years ago they called the Pistons "The Bad Boys" because of how tough they were on the way to winning 2 titles in a row in '89 and '90.

They could call this current group by the same name but only because man they are BAD!!!  Christian Wood is the only ex-Buck I wouldn't mind still being on the Bucks, it was unfortunate they had to part ways with him to get enough healthy guards on the roster last year.  Sad what's happened to all those ex-Bucks as they are good guys, but none are worthy of big minutes on a championship level team at this point.

Career earnings:

John Henson, 8 years, 51 million. 

Tony Snell, 8 years, 51 million (including next year)

Thon Maker, 4 years, 11.6 million

Brandon Knight, 9 years, 81 million

Christian Wood hasn't gotten paid yet, but has still made 4 million over 4 years. Playing big minutes for an awful team will likely lead him to getting at least a MLE-type contract from someone. 

You're right. They all seem like decent guys. It's just circumstances that lead to all of them ending up elsewhere. Wood was gone because they picked up Mirotic and they liked DJ Wilson better when they had to choose. 

But there is very little difference between Henson/Snell/Maker/C. Wood and S. Brown/Wilson/Thanasis/Connaughton. It's just that Henson and Snell got paid.