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Reply to "Bucks at mostly former Bucks (Pistons)"

Tagging onto the previous post (I'm having a particular awful week at work and need a break), here's the 10 guys that played opening night of the 2017-18 season.  Parker started the season in IR so I'm counting him as the 11th guy. This isn't that long ago.

Starters: Giannis, Middleton, Brogdon, Snell, Maker

Bench guys who played: Dellavadova, Henson, Monroe, Teletovic, Vaughn

Parker on IR

Over the past two years, they've traded or released 9 of those 11. They turned over the entire roster around Giannis and Middleton in two years without signing a single big-money free agent. The only one of those 9 guys that you'd still want on the roster  over anyone they have is Brogdon. 

What have they given up to do it (besides cap space)? 

Teletovic, Vaughn, and Parker were  not resigned. 

Brogdon was traded for a 1st round pick and two 2nd round picks. 

Dellavadova, Henson, and a 1st round pick were traded for George Hill and Jason Smith and a second round pick. Jason Smith, Thon Maker, and 4 second round picks were then moved for Mirotic.

They traded Monroe, a first round pick, and a second round pick for Bledsoe. 

They traded Snell for Leuer (and then waived Leuer). 

B. Lopez, R. Lopez, Korver, M. Williams, W. Matthews, Ilyasova, and Connaughton were all street free agents signed for not much over the minimum originally (B. Lopez got more money a year in). They drafted DiVincenzo. 

To turn those 9 guys from the opening roster two seasons ago and the salary cap mess associated with that into what for the following net cost is unbelievable. 

Malcolm Brogdon, one first round pick, and 2 second round picks. The remaining first round pick is next year's. If Giannis stays that's not going be better than the late 20s.