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Reply to "Bucks versus Nets - Eastern Conference Semifinals"

The NBA didn't make Giannis drop a pass that should have been a dunk, force Holiday to throw up an air ball from 12 feet, or continue to play Brook Lopez in drop defense. The NBA doesn't need to fix these games. They know Bud is there to do his best to reduce the chances of a Bucks win and that guys like Giannis will somehow come up short even in a game where he goes for 34.

Exactly. There’s no smoking gun, no top secret email correspondence between the league and the officials. The league knows the Bucks feature the coaching equivalent of Terri Schiavo standing on the sidelines. All they have to do is wait for a high leverage moment to present itself, and either Bud will screw the pooch, or one of the Bucks’ big three will fold.

Did any of you watch game one of the NHL semis last night? The Montreal-Vegas series. The Habs were on a seven game winning streak coming in. After going down 3-1 to the Leafs, they won three in a row, then swept the next series against Winnipeg. Montreal was as hot as hot can be.

Then, they ran into the Golden Knights, with likely Vezina Trophy winner in Marc-Andre Fleury in the goal, and a stifling defense. The Selke (top defensive forward) will come down to Vegas Captain Mark Stone, and Bruin Patrice Bergeron.

Two elite defenders. And that defense stonewalled the Habs. Only rookie Badger Cole Caufield’s first playoff goal helped the Canadiens avoid the shutout.

That…is what elite defenses do. And hockey has 4 different forward lines. Stone’s not even on the floor the entire game.

The point? We have two elite defenders, playing against a team with two of their three Hall of Famers literally decimated by injuries. And we gave up 71 freaking points in the second half.

Forget our offensive woes. Thats a failure of epic proportions.

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