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Reply to "Bucks vs. Celtics"

Tschmack posted:

I could be wrong but Giannis just seems to have different motives than Kahwi and George and AD.  

You’re not wrong. He is hard coded to loyalty- and he has said as much. Hes not enamored with the bright lights of NY/LA. The team is filled with guys Giannis loves playing with. And he does not come from the NBAAU “I need to be a champion” entitlement culture that permeates the league and generates the player movement subculture of today. If anything, he comes from the Reggie Miller “I want to do this here and nowhere else” mold. 

Lasry/Edens are billionaires who bought a team on the brink of collapse. I’m sure the valuation of the franchise already far exceeds the $550 million they shelled out for it. And as the city of Milwaukee continues to invest in the district around Fiserv, the economic impact will continue to grow. This is a PR dream for the politically progressive-minded NBA- the most racially divided city becomes their big, huge success story. Wisconsin after all is a political battleground state, and the owners are huge Democrat party supporters, so there are certain political ramifications to the Bucks’ success as a franchise. The NBA would be sending the wrong message if they got too greedy by forcing the Bucks hands and making a martyr out of Milwaukee in the Giannis “he’s the biggest superstar in the game” sweepstakes. 

And it is for these reasons I think none of it happens- that Giannis is a Bucks for life. If the NBA continues to allow their primary media outlets, including the four letter network, to openly push Giannis going to a big market, and then pull the strings to get him into NY, it would be another Seattle-level betrayal to the league’s also-ran markets that would permanently and irrevocably damage the NBA. If the powers that be must have a viable Knicks franchise, they know what they have to do- they need to give Dolan the Sterling treatment and force him to sell.

But they aren’t going to do that until Lebron retires... after all, that’s the collision course that’s been ahead all along, isn’t it? Lebron James, the billionaire owner of the NY Knicks, all hail the King. 

EDIT: the Bucks franchise value according to Forbes is $1.4B, more than double the initial investment.

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