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Wilde on Rodgers: is he getting hot, or not?

Some interesting analysis/comments from Matt We Want The Ball And We're Gonna Score


Hot or not?

Three days after his team’s 37-8 blowout loss to the San Francisco 49ers on Nov. 24 — the Green Bay Packers’ last loss this season — Rodgers stood at his locker and explained what he thought his team would need to do to rebound and set itself up for a playoff run.

“Offensively,” Rodgers said in part that Wednesday afternoon, “I’ve got to take the lead and get hot.”

Win one for the old man?

At age 36 and nine years removed from his last trip, Rodgers seemed amused Wednesday that many of his younger teammates have taken up a win-one-for-the-old-guy mantra on his behalf.

“I haven’t really heard a lot of that,” said Rodgers, adding that he took a similar tack in 2010 for Charles Woodson and Donald Driver and in 2014 for Julius Peppers. “But I do appreciate that.”

“I was hot in a couple of ‘em,” Rodgers said with a self-deprecating chuckle Wednesday.

...he was undeniably hot against the Seahawks, going 16 of 27 for 243 yards with two touchdowns, no interceptions and two sacks for a 113.7 rating (his fourth-highest of the season) with a host of clutch throws with the game on the line.


He also finished the DET game on a positive trend. Last 3 drives: TD, Int, FG 7 of 11, 90 yds, TD, Int.

Is this the Rodgers we get on Sunday?