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Reply to "Deshaun Watson"

@packerboi posted:

As this mess grows more and more, looking like umm.. definitely not Packer people

Four more lawsuits have been filed -- bringing the total number of cases in the court system against Deshaun Watson to SEVEN.

Accuser #4, Accuser #5, Accuser #6 and Accuser #7 -- all using the pseudonyms "Jane Doe" -- make similar accusations to the previous accusers.

All 4 women say they were contacted by Watson to perform a private massage and he got aggressive in pursuit of a sex act.

The new accusers say they never consented and felt violated. They're suing for civil assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Obviously, he's entitled to due process and he's denying all this. But there is also no denying this is evolving into a massive shit show. Reports now are, even if the Texans were willing to trade him, more and more teams are now backing off.

In the era of the #metoo movement, I cannot see how the league just turns a blind eye.


is Watson sending a message to the vikings? Will he be chartering the Love Boat to show he's a team player? A solid locker room presence? Could Cousins' days in purple be numbered? Just asking....