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Reply to "End of Season +/-"

BrainDed posted:


We got pass rushers and decent secondary.

Lazard is going to be great and cheap number 3 WR next year.

Jenkins with the most impressive rookie season from a Packer since Clay or BJ.

Some of the youngsters gained valuable playoff experience.

We have an excellent head coach.   


The cupboard is bare in the front middle.   Outside of Clark there isn’t anyone worth a shit on the DL.

We need a legit WR2 desperately.  

ILB cupboard is completely empty.  


You win the Martinez debate.  He's not good enough if GB wants to take the next step.  GB currently has nothing at MLB.  Nobody can cover, make a play or fill a gap to stop a runner at or behind the LOS.  

Cory Littleton is the guy I want in FA.