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Reply to "End of Season +/-"


We went 14-4. We were 6 inches on the last play of the last regular season game from hosting the NFC Championship.

We have a HOF QB, a superstar WR, a stud RB, and a potentially HOF-level LT all under contract for next year. 

We have two edge rushers that were dominant pass rushers back next year. 

We have good, young players at DB. Jaire Alexander and Savage are both potential Pro Bowlers. Amos was a great pickup. King was frustrating at times, but he's better than every single DB the Packers had the last time they were in the NFC championship game. 

The only significant free agents to worry about are Bulaga, Tramon, Blake Martinez, and Mason Crosby. 



We lost in the NFC title game. 

We probably have only one other WR worth bringing back  (Lazard). 

We need an upgrade at ILB. 

We need development at the TE position. 


The summary is that the hardest positions to find impact players at are QB, WR, RB, CB, LT, and edge rusher. We have all those covered. We are in better shape than probably 29-30 teams for next year.