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Reply to "End of Season +/-"

Henry posted:
Hungry5 posted:

I guess everyone is discounting Boyle's potential. 

Pretty much.  I definitely think competition is never bad (obviously).  Maybe he's the Kurt Warner who wasn't mercilessly teased by Bert and bagging groceries. 

To be honest, there definitely is some similarities in the style of play.  Kurt Boyle.

In his college career playing in low level D1, Boyle threw 12 TDs and 26 interceptions.

When Warner got the chance to play in college,  he was his conference's offensive player of the year. It was still obscure, but at least he showed he could perform in an actual games. 

He had to sit his first three years at Northern Iowa, patiently waiting for his chance. It finally arrived during his senior year, and the former third-stringer responded with a season that earned him Gateway Conference Offensive Player of the Year honors.