Reply to "End of Season +/-"

The choice of a QB is determined by which skills are most valued by the front office/ coaching staff. Al Davis put arm strength first because that fit with his ideal down field passing game.

There are a few guys who fill all the blanks in college but most are deficient in one or more areas.

My score card would rank abilities this way:

1 Accuracy\touch;

2 Character (Includes preparation, leadership, focus)

3 Field vision\ post snap recognition;

4 Arm strength\release;

5 intelligence\ pre-snap recognition;

6 toughness (physical, mental)

7 pocket awareness\escapability;

8 running ability;

9 size


3 and 5 are the only two that can be readily improved after you're drafted. That requires a craftsman's commitment to improvement ie 2- which is the hardest to project.

 A critical quality that is difficult to assess. Is the guy committed enough, smart enough to put in the daily hours beyond learning the playbook? How can you tell?