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Great. So a dinged up Graham is gonna make a go of it. That’s just fucking spectacular. 

One of the few things known about Jimmy, he don't miss games. IIRC, he had one season where he played like 11 games, almost every other seasons he's played it's been the full 16. 

He broke his thumb last season. Didn't matter, he played. 

He didn't play well, but he played. 

Think his thumb injury led to a tipped pick in the EZ that should have been a TD. 

I get the guy is an all timer at TE. But how everyone can be cool with Clay in LA because his best days are in the rear view mirror but Graham just needs a chance is homerism on a grand scale. Graham looks about as done as done can look. And the last thing I want to see is done with a bad groin. 

Tonyan is a better option in this offense. He can’t block either (and while we’re here Lewis hasn’t exactly been a blocking force either) but Tonyan is a slightly poorer man’s version of George Kittle. 

Tonyan is a lot closer to being on the practice squad than he is a legitimate starter. Same as Kumerow 

Disagree. Too harsh.

Maybe a bit harsh, but it's a more realistic take than thinking either can be a starting-caliber player