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Manufactured Content - Where Have You Lived?

This seems to be working nicely, so we’ll continue the latest in our weekly installment of Manufactured Content.  This week we’re getting a bit Stalky McStalkerson with “What City/States and/or countries have you lived in?" and let's go for both Chronological and Ranked from your favorite to least.


  • Milwaukee, WI – Born and lived in Milwaukee proper until I was 8
  • Wauwatosa, WI – Here from 8-17.
  • Roselle, IL – Lived here for the year before college 17-18. Lemme tell ya, nothing better than moving between your Jr and Sr years of high school!
  • Champaign, IL – Undergrad 18-22 (and also in Roselle with parents on off time)
  • Ann Arbor, MI – MBA 22-23 (see above)
  • Lombard, IL – after school, got job back in IL 23-24 and moved out on my own
  • San Jose, CA – Moved here for work, loved a lot of it, hated the cost of living 24-29
  • Portland, OR – 29 to present


  • Portland, OR (love everything about it here and no where has been even close)
  • Champaign, IL (it’s considerably nicer today than when I went, but it’s a great classic midwestern college town)
  • Wauwatosa, WI (there was a time I thought about trying to move back to this area for work. Now? Noooooooooope.)
  • San Jose, CA (I love so much of the Bay Area. I hate the traffic. I’m not a huge fan of some of the culture/people. And the cost of living is ludicrous)
  • Ann Arbor, MI (It’s a fine city, but I was heads down getting through school here)
  • Roselle, IL (It’s a suburb. I mean, it’s fine)
  • Lombard, IL (It's a shitty suburb)
  • Milwaukee, WI (We lived in a part that today is much nicer and rebuilt with lots of hip areas, but back then was sketchy as hell)


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