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Reply to "Manufactured Content - Where Have You Lived?"

Hayward, WI: Born and raised. Lived there full time through High School.  Loved the fishing and the big name bands that would come through town in the summers. A hatred for sports teams wearing purple took root here.

Eau Claire, WI: Attended UW Eau Claire and graduated from there with a Social Work degree. I lived in EC for 21 years. Wasted my life and time until I met my wife. Lack of decent jobs made me expand my search through a broader area. 

River Falls, WI 1988- 1991 worked at UW-RF for 7 1/2 years. UW-RF was the first place I actually used my college degree. Lots of crisis intervention at UW-RF with alcohol, drug abuse and suicide attempts occurring frequently. I was living here when the cable exclusivity laws went into effect. 

North Hudson, WI 1991- Present . We bought our first and only house here. My son was born while we lived here and my wife died while we lived here in 2009. Cancer sucks. I left UW-RF in 1996 and worked for USPS in St. Paul, MN as a Mail Processor.  Retired from USPS in 2016. 



Eau Claire

North Hudson

River Falls