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Reply to "Manufactured Content - Where Have You Lived?"


Born in La Crosse, 1954

Spent a year up in St. Paul back in 1972-73

Back to La Crosse in 1973

Headed to Madison in 1978

Travelled out to Boulder, Colorado 1980

Tried Denver in 1983, but went back to Boulder

Resided in Chicago 1985-86

Returned to Boulder in 1987

Moved to Broomfield, Colorado in 1994...present

Cuz I did a lot of oilfield work in the early 80's I have journeyed around the Rocky Mountain west: Colorado; SLC; Utah; Idaho; New Mexico; Montana...but spent much of my oil life travelling and staying in Wyoming and loved it!  

Colorado now is getting too populated, since the MJ law was passed.  Lots of low-lifes have moved into the state.  Goofballs from CA and jerks from the east coast come here and don't much care about community or Colorado culture.  Violent crime is up.  Driving is dangerous.  Highways are clogged.  The cost of living is climbing higher and higher while the quality of life is slipping backwards.  Development is scouring away the open lands and more huge apartment complexes are devouring the country-sides.  Some longtime residents are leaving.  Us too one day.

Thinking about moving up to second most fave state...after Wisconsin.

Go Packers and Go Brewers!

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