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Reply to "Manufactured Content - Where Have You Lived?"


  • Bancroft, WI -- Until 18
  • Green Bay, WI -- for 1 year while at UWGB
  • Stevens Point, WI -- until 2000 when I finished up my undergrad and grad work at UWSP
  • Wisconsin Rapids, WI -- for about 6 years for work
  • Mankato, MN -- for 2 years during my second grad degree
  • Grinnell, IA -- for about 1.5 years for my first job in my new profession
  • Rochester, MN -- for the past 10 years for my current position


  • Stevens Point, WI -- Love my time there.  It has everything I need (except jobs), but most close friends are there/nearby, and close to family.  Plus Point Rugby!
  • Rochester, MN -- Big city things in a smaller city, plus my job!  Wife loves it here.  Lots of things that we both enjoy, close enough for regular trips back to central WI.
  • Mankato, MN -- Only there for 2 years but really loved it.  Made some good friends there, loved the campus.  Decent music scene for being a smaller city.
  • Wisconsin Rapids, WI -- One of my best friends lives there, and I was luck to be part of the music scene when I was there.  Met my wife there.  Lots of fun memories.  And you get used to the smell of the paper mill.
  • Bancroft, WI -- Always fun to visit family and friends.  Still can fit in, but gets harder the longer I am away.
  • Grinnell, IA -- Nice small town Iowa, although a very liberal college in a pretty conservative town made for some interesting times.  Did play for city men's rugby team and won our division at the All-Iowa tournament.  First time I have been on a winning team in my life.
  • Green Bay, WI -- Love Green Bay, but did not start school off on a good note so was only there a year.  Can't really rank it fairly.