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Reply to "Manufactured Content - Where Have You Lived?"

Continuing the Midwestern roots theme:


1960-66- Milwaukee. Intersection of Van Buren and Brady on Milwaukee's Eastside...Little Italy at the time morphing into Hait Ashbury by the end of the decade. Lived next to my Italian-speaking grandparents who scared the shit out of me because of their limited English.

1966-84- 3400 block of Newhall Street on Milwaukee's Eastside  (on border with Shorewood) Still the most memorable years of my life. Bartlett Avenue Grade School, Milwaukee Riverside and UW-Milwaukee. I am still the only person I ever met who went farther away to kindergarten (6 blocks) than he did to college (2 blocks) 

1985-93- Sold out my city roots and settled into white bread suburbia in Shorewood and Whitefish Bay. 

1994-96- Mrs. Blair Kiel offered transfer with Johnson Controls to Melbourne FL. I hated Milwaukee winters (still do)  . Traded -22 degree late January as we left for sunny and 75 when we arrived in Florida....never looked back and never bitched about the heat, cause it still beats the shit out of winter. Brevard County is an unappreciated part of Florida with tons of natural beauty and still not too crowded.

1996-2018- Mrs. Kiel (I married well) takes job with PGA Tour and we move North to Ponte Vedra Beach (metro Jacksonville). Sunshine, ocean, wild life,  Live Oak trees, Spanish moss, St. Augustine, SEC football, no winter and gated communities to keep people like Fedya out...what was not to love?  

5 months ago.....St.George UT. Why the Hell not? 30 some years in Sconnie, 25 in Florida and hopefully another 25 or 30 in the desert Southwest....Despite it being Utah, it's more like Arizona here (were in the corner with Nevada and Arizona) . I've traded gators for mountain lions. Hiking, biking and watching Sunday Night Football at 6:30 P.M. ...not to mention being able to stay up for Brewer games. 


All #1.

I would not have changed a damn thing about anywhere I've lived and I loved every place I've lived. Special memories, friends and life events in every place. I'll always be a Milwaukee kid though. The only thing I truly don't miss is the shitty Florida drivers...I'm actually back in Florida for a week ( we've kept a house here as Mrs. Kiel works a month in Utah and a month in Florida) and I'd forgotten what a bunch of asshole drivers there are here. It's a goddam NASCAR event. Oh, and I don't miss the humidity.


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