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Timmy! posted:
ammo posted:

I see lots of problems with the 17th game.  16 teams get an extra home game, how much will that factor into the playoffs? ....

MichiganPacker2 posted: 

Maybe they'll do one neutral site game for each team? 16 chances to expand the fanbase. 

My immediate thought is the league will use the extra game to play in international venues. Mexico City, London, Toronto perhaps?
Granted, the logistics would likely mean nothing additional than what is already scheduled this upcoming season, but in the future, it would sure seem to be right down ol' Rog's alley. I think that's the legacy he seeks.

I think you are spot on, Timmy! Watch that extra game be played outside the USA. Goodell's real agenda, IMO, is for the NFL to be a year round spectacle, trying to supplant Soccer, with no real off season and it's presence expanded across the globe. Europe, Japan, China, Mexico, Australia, Canada and South America....

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