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At the risk of drawing the ire of the Times Four faithful for another movie quote, I though this was pertinent:

"Always two there are, no more, no less."

Ok, maybe it's just me. Although, judging by McCarthy's current girth, it's actually more like three."

I want to say something snarky about the Cowboys vetting process. Jerry and his offspring are running the show. They bought the team 30 (31) years ago, and have floundered for the last quarter century. The last guy, who started with a flurry of 8-8 seasons, ended with, well, an 8-8 season, despite what even the biggest Cowboys hater would have to honestly describe as a pretty damned talented roster, a roster that was, for the most part, healthy. Clearly, that means the coaching was the problem. And, there's the Jerry "meddling" factor. In his nine full seasons as Head Coach, Jason Garrett went 80-64. That's roughly an average of 9-7 every year. Wade Phillips before him went 33-15 in his full three seasons (I'm tossing 2010 out the window because they lost Romo for the year after a poor start, and the team was in chaos). Tuna went 34-30. Dave Campo 15-33. Chan Gailey 18-14. Barry Switzer, after starting 24-8 with the juggernaut Jimmy Johnson built, and winning a Super Bowl his first season, dropped to 16-16 his last two years. 

Wouldn't this all seem to point to the franchise involving itself in an exhaustive search for the next Head Coach? Despite their recent ineptitude, Dallas still has some real cachet as a franchise, and a stinking rich owner. You would think that a few prime candidates would interview, and if they could convince Jones to at least remove his fingers from the pie just a little (as he must have convinced Bill Parcells he would do before Tuna signed), a couple serious candidates should have been heavily rumored (and not Urban Meyer. He was never going there). 

Yet they talked to two guys. McCarthy and Marvin Lewis (because of league rules for minority interviewees). I was shocked by their announcement. Not by McCarthy being the guy. He was a good coach, if somewhat set in his ways. But the introduction came before the season ended, and practically right after Dallas packed their boxes for the year. They never talked to any of the coordinators on the teams still left in the playoffs, obviously, because rules dictated they couldn't. 

In that regard, this just seems like more of the same. It seems McCarthy hasn't learned from his mistakes, and neither has Jerry Jones. How did that interview go? Did they not just ask Mike if, during the season he was out of football, he started bringing his thinking into the 21st century, but did they actually probe the subject? I know the topic of analytics has been brought up, but outside of just asking, "hey Mike, have you started learning about, or putting any credence in analytics while you had that year off?"--did they actually test his knowledge? Is Mike even conversant with Pro Football Focus? Did Jerry and Stephen create any scenarios, and ask him how, utilizing analytics, he'd respond to the situation on the field? Or, did they just ask him, and say, "Yes? That's good enough for us!"

How does a franchise with that value, that roster, that visibility, existing in a state with such an attractive cost of living, not conduct the most thorough search in the history of the NFL after 25 years of failure? 

What is it with Jerry Jones? Is it arrogance, ignorance, incompetence, or a combination of the three? And as one living in the Metroplex, how is it that the fans aren't screaming bloody murder? Jerry gonna be Jerry, but if the fans raised a stink, and exercised their contempt by not filling up Jerry World every Sunday, hitting Jerry where it hurt, he might consider doing things differently. Yes, McCarthy won a Super Bowl a decade ago. His most recent history suggests that he's stuck in his ways, and the game may have passed him bye. How does that not register? Christ, Mike can't even take care of himself. How's he going to run the team from a football standpoint?  

I'm blown away by this hire, and not in a good way. I really seems to me like Jerry and Mike just got together at his house, had some brisket sandwiches and Shiner Bock, talked about the glory days, and Jerry whipped out a contract. The more I think about this, the more I just don't get it. 

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