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Reply to "Rodgers Wants A New Contract?"

@Henry posted:

I'd be interested to see what the negotiations would be.  I think there would have to be a lot of different stipulations that give Rodgers security but also an out for the Packers to transition say if Rodgers gets hurt.  I think the incentives you mention make a lot of sense and also give the Packers an out say if Rodgers gets hurt.

Either way, to get this to work it's going to be a unique contract.  The Packers would look to factor in escape clauses but that's still kind of a statement that they're ready to move on from Rodgers ASAP.

Then there is a the consideration of Rodgers feeling like his input is valued.  Not sure how you navigate that stream.

If he's truly pissed off about being slighted by the FO for ignoring his input, etc. then it makes it even more tricky.  I'm sure both sides will seek a level of pragmatism to get the relationship to work but that personal side is a tough nut.

No doubt there will be snags however it would be designed. But get all that on the table with everyone present. Lay it all out, concerns and all. Each side is within reason that they should be able to protect their own interests, and that should be well established already, anyway. If we operate under the assumption that AR knows the Packers have the right to look beyond his tenure, then it's on the FO to say out loud to Aaron and his agent that they understand his own personal stake and his need for better clarity re the end of his career.

Notwithstanding the fact that we all understand the many factors in getting to and winning a SB, this might be a way for them to offer Rodgers some semblance of "control" that he's looking for. Considering that they were probably a half dozen or so plays away from getting there in 2020, this could potentially create some common goal-even if grudgingly-that could serve the interests of both parties. Heck, tack on some $$$ bonus if you reach the SB to sweeten the pot and possibly show some good faith.

As far as escape clauses, both sides would need to understand that this would be a new proposition and whatever issues previously can be aired out but then also set aside for the purpose of going forward. It might be as much of a clean slate as possible, and both camps can "use" one another to meet their own ends.

There's a ton of moving parts, but the common theme SHOULD be reaching the SB and collecting a ring. So even if one side or the other might not be "invested", which is relative anyway, you shut up for the sake of getting this done and act the part that the one goal is winning a title. Both sides have something to gain. Both sides have ways out if need be, depending on outcome. But you hammer it out and put up a united front and get on with playing football.