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Reply to "Rodgers Wants A New Contract?"

@artis posted:

The FO will have to guarantee something beyond the one year. If he came back, and they happened to win a ring this year, would 12 want to stick around longer? Would he retire? Would the desire/need to be traded fade into the mist?

I think they should structure an offer contingent upon reaching or winning the SB. Guarantee two years. If they reach the big dance, build some type of option into the contract, for instance a third year guaranteed, if that's what Rodgers would stipulate. If they win it, the FO gets to exercise some option. Rodgers will be fully compensated and he will be incentivized, the four year deal for Love is still intact, and in the wake of failing to reach or win it all, the GBP would be able to reimplement the post-AR plan.

Just spitballing, and I'd be interested in others' opinions as there's probably things I haven't taken into account, but it's a unique situation that might best be resolved with an outside the box approach.

I'd be interested to see what the negotiations would be.  I think there would have to be a lot of different stipulations that give Rodgers security but also an out for the Packers to transition say if Rodgers gets hurt.  I think the incentives you mention make a lot of sense and also give the Packers an out say if Rodgers gets hurt.

Either way, to get this to work it's going to be a unique contract.  The Packers would look to factor in escape clauses but that's still kind of a statement that they're ready to move on from Rodgers ASAP.

Then there is a the consideration of Rodgers feeling like his input is valued.  Not sure how you navigate that stream.

If he's truly pissed off about being slighted by the FO for ignoring his input, etc. then it makes it even more tricky.  I'm sure both sides will seek a level of pragmatism to get the relationship to work but that personal side is a tough nut.

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