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Reply to "ROUND 4 PICK 109 (f/NO through MIA) - OT DAVID BAKHTIARI (COLORADO)"

Packer Update had a link to this Colorado Buffalo Football Blog
David Bakhtiari and the Green Bay Packers
By DavidAGerhardt on Apr 30 2013

David is a high-character guy that is going to work hard to continue to get better, stronger and quicker. He definitely still has a way to go, but he knows that. He has quick feet, can kick-slide well and can get to guys at the 2nd level quickly. He has good flexibility which should help his versatility and a quick punch.

Where he needs to improve:
He needs to work on strengthening his base to be able to hold up to the size he'll be facing consistently in the NFL, especially if he's going to be looked at as a guard. He can also continue to get stronger so he can have a more violent punch. His recognition of certain twists and stunts needs work as well. Basically, he needs to adjust to the NFL and get into an NFL strength program.