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fightphoe93 posted:

The level of play Jones is playing at right now, he is the best RB the Pack has had since Ahman Green was at his peak in 2003. 


Uhm...let's not put him in the Ring of Honor quite yet.


Considering no Packer RB has been added to the Packers HOF since Ahman, looks like a Straw Man at work here. 

Care to name the RB's we've had since Green that were better than Jones? 

Ryan Grant? Had a few really good years. Never was a dynamic player. 4.3 career YPC, slightly abover average. 29 TD's in 5 seasons.  

Eddie Lacy? Couple of good years. Crowd favorite until the buffets did him in. 4.2 career YPC. 30 TD's in his 4 years in GB. 

Jones' YPC is down this year but still 5.0 for his career. When he's split out it's like having another WR on the field. 24 TD's in 2 1/2 seasons and 11 in 8 games this year. 

No one else is worth mentioning. Who you taking out of those 3 today?