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Reply to "Thunder at Bucks"

Re: Harden 😆😂  

What Giannis said was true. "I want someone who is going to pass the ball" He didn't question Hardens skill level. 

What Harden said is not true "7 feet tall & only dunk" When Giannis does dunk, he usually has to fight through 3 or more defenders on his way to the rim. This ain't some pickup game at the YMCA. That takes skill in the NBA. Not to mention Giannis pops 3's & has been working on that deadly turn around "Durant style" mid-range jumper. They call Durant the Slim Reaper. Giannis might have to be called the Greek Ripper

Rockets aren't going to make the finals. They might get past first round but It sure would be juicy if they did make finals vs. Milwaukee.

Coach Budd has a big job the next 8 weeks. Keeping this entire team sharp with virtually nothing to play for.

Bucks have 23 left. They could lose all 23 & still be the 6 seed. If they go 11-12, they're still no worse than the 3rd seed, provided Toronto or Boston don't lose 3 or more. If they go 14-9 worst they can end up is #2.

Coach Budd has a big job ahead of him. 

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