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Reply to "Vikings Suck 2.0"

@Tschmack posted:

The 2nd round pick to the Jags is looking more like a pick in the upper 30s.  Practically like a 1st rounder in terms of value.  For what, 6 games?  Holy shit that is a terrible move.  But hey, they recoup a 3rd rounder from the Ravens which is actually more like a 4th rounder!

Jags stocking up on picks.  Certainly a top 10 pick, a late 1st rounder, and 2 early 2nd rounders.

The Vikings are so fucked.  They literally can’t cut Cousins.  Not in 2021 anyway.  They are likely going to have to cut Barr in the offseason.  Eric Wilson will be a FA. They could trade Harrison Smith for assets because they sure won’t have the space to extend him.  Will Michael Pierce ever play for them?

Depending on how you interpret the 2022 guarantee language, I think they are stuck with Cousins in 2022 as well. They either have to take a gigantic cap hit in dead cap money in 2021 or guarantee his 2022 salary on the third day of league business in 2021.

(From Sportrac)

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