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Reply to "Vikings Suck 2.0"

This quote from the content in the link:

"... and those quarterbacks did not get injured (and if they did, they returned from their injury). Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Drew Brees. If the Vikings would have got that level of consistent, uninjured quarterback play then they would rank even higher."

I thought the "uninjured" part was particularly rich, considering what Barr did to ARod just a few years ago.

What these dreamers never consider is the differences in their teams if they in fact had one of these All-Pro QB. Those guys don't come cheap, and you aren't going to get Tom Brady performance on a Tarvaris Jackson budget.

The fact is they have gotten crap QB play from....crappy QBs.
Look at the chit show they have put out over the last 10 years. The last of TOG, Ponder, Bridgewater, 1 year of Bradford, 1 year of Keenum, and now Cousins.
Going back another 10 years, they had Culpepper, Brad Johnson, the aforementioned Jackson, 1 year of Gus Frerotte, and finally TOG.
Why, that's a QB roster the Bores would be proud of!