Reply to "Vikings Suck"

This might be a little outdated now, but:

4 Lost Superbowls

Drew Pearson's push off (that whole game was a mess)

'87 Darren Nelson's drop on the goal line (NFC Champ Game)

'98 Season, 15-1, Take a Knee, Missed FG, OT Loss (NFC Champ Game)

2000 41-0 (NFC Champ Game)

PA's haunting call (NO! NO! NO!) against the Cards (Playoffs)

'09 season of Lord Favre, refs tilt the game in OT (NFC Champ Game)
PA’s meltdown after Lord Favre’s interception (This is not Detroit! This is the Super Bowl!)
Or, how bout the qualitative view:

Keith Millard's "guns"

Les Steckel

Randy Moss mooning

Randy Moss water bottle vs side judge

Randy Moss 40% rule
Mike Tice opening his mouth
Mike Tice ticket scandal

Drafting a guy named Underwood with no background check

Childress calling Belicheck a liar on national radio

Childress making fun of Jeff George to national media

The Love Boat

Dennis Green detailing a coup to take ownership of the team

Dennis Green sexual harrassment

Cris Carter not in the Hall of Fame

Gophers and Twins obtaining public financing for stadiums. Not Vikes.

Spergeon Wynn - starting QB in the NFL.

Not drafting Marcus Allen (Darren Nelson)

The Hershel Walker Trade = Cowboys 3 SuperBowl titles
Jim Marshall wrong way run

Carl Eller takes a shockin' but keeps on rockin'

The Humpty Dump

A dude with long, gold braids