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I sure have not seen anything like this written about the Suckqueens.  

I’m arguing the Packers improved the most this offseason because they’ve undertaken a much-needed culture overhaul. Mike McCarthy’s coaching was stale and he had lost control of the team. The offense stalled without a consistent veteran threat Rodgers could rely on and the defense lacked the talent to keep the team alive.

By firing McCarthy and hiring Matt LaFleur, the Packers are starting fresh—and anything is better then the mess they became last season when they lost to a 2-9 Arizona Cardinals team, in cold weather, at home. Green Bay has also addressed the weaknesses in its defense with the additions of pass rushers Zadarius Smith and Preston Smith, and safety Adrian Amos. The free agent signings marked a departure from the thrifty free agent budgeting of previous GM Ted Thompson. In the draft, Green Bay focused on defense again in the first round with Michigan defensive end Rashan Gary and Maryland safety Darnell Savage, and later added a pass catching threat in tight end Jace Sternberger. So the team has an improved defense paired with a revamped offense. If Rodgers buys into the system, Green Bay will return to formstuddd

Well, no screaming eagle sh*t.

When you completely suck ass cabbages as a team like the Packners, there's typically going to be a slight improvement by default the following year with acquisitions.

When you're the alpha dog staaaacked© marquee top echelon roster like the Vikings, there's not much room for improvement.

You dung beetle.

And that alpha dog staaaaaaackkkkeeeeeddddd roster finished won the Super Bowl last year, right?  At least won the division?  At least qualified for the playoffs? 

Oh, nevermind.