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Twins have a pretty decent squad and right now the Brewers do not. 

Woodruff, Houser, and Burnes have all pitched well.  Lauer and Anderson not so much.  

The hitting and offense has been awful but losing Cain is a big deal and Narvaez and Yelich haven’t done much of anything not to mention Braun is hurt (again).   Hiura has come around a bit but if the others I mentioned aren’t playing or playing well I can’t see this team being any better than a .500 team.  

The other guys scored first again

Bottom 1st

Crew    0

Chubs  1

top of first Christian Yelich is hit in the foot by  Yu Darvish with two outs in the first and then he steals second, but Avi Garcia strikes out to strand him.

Chubs score on Nico Hoerner double, and scores on a pair of grounders.

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