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Expecting more out of Cutler than what heโ€™s shown thus far in his career is just nonsensical. Cutler is not a quarterback that is going to make other players around him better; he needs to operate in an offensive system that will hide his weaknesses and mitigate the disastrous mistakes that have plagued his career.



 CHI OC Gase - Cutler smarter than I thought


Translation: I was under the impression Jay was a real Munson, but he's really just a dumb-ass.

โ€” Andrew Brandt (@adbrandt)



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only comment at the article currently reveals the delusion fans can live in:

Larsonite says:

The bears have talent and will be one of the surprise teams to make the playoffs. The coaching, game plans and team chemistry were the reasons why we had a horrible season. Imo, weโ€™ll have a top 15 defense and an offense that can score at will when itโ€™s rolling. Cutler is the big question but this year is his first last year. If he struggles, no one will want him on their team next year. That is the motivation I think settles him down for a very good season.

"... an offense that can score at will..." 

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Meanwhile, Alshon Jeffery is in a walking boot and using crutches after he injured his calf in their preseason opener. Smokin Jay's #1 WR Week 1 might be Eddie Royal.


The Bears are looking poised to be a team fighting for the worst record in the NFL this season. Fans don't even get the excitement of seeing their high 1st round pick in action with White likely done for the year

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