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Mack's Contract Dubbed Bears Worst

He's the highest-paid defensive player in the history of the league, and the Bears have won zero playoff games since they handed him that contract before the 2018 season. 

That isn't Mack's fault, but for that money, you have to be transcendent. He has 21 sacks in 30 games as a Bear, which is good but not great. And the Chicago defense took a big step backward statistically in 2019. 

What's most concerning is the 2014 first-round pick wasn't even expensive the last two years. But he'll account for more than $26 million against the cap in each of the next three seasons, with Chicago only able to get out of the third year with a $12 million dead-cap charge. Not ideal considering Mack will be 29 next month. 

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The Bears organization is to blame for Trubisquit's failures. They are the ones who sold the farm to move up to get him. I love that we have the Bears AND the vikings organizations in the NFC North! 

I saw some surprisingly good assessment of Nagy and the job he's done with Mitchy on ESPN Sux and it was actually pretty spot on. 

They correctly assessed Nagy is continuing to fit Mitch's square peg into the round hole Nagy won't admit is there. They compared franchises like the Titans and the Bills who actually use Josh Allen correctly and emphasize his skill set (which is somewhat similar to Mitch's). With Allen, it's using his legs, using the run game properly, setting up high percentage passes, little dump off's etc. 

Nagy is trying to make Mitchy into Brees, Rodgers, and even shades of Mahomes with a downfield/deep threat offense. That will never happen.

But as a Packer fan, I love it. Keep trying to make him into something he's not. Can only bode well for MLF and Co.    

For as much as I have bitched about the Cheatriots having an advantage in their division, we have benefited greatly over the last 30 years from the bumbling of the teams in ours.
Detoilet/Millen held the torch throughout the 1990's and 2000's, but Chitcago has taken over since. Minny/Spielman has been doing their best (Cousins' deal) to wrest it from them the last few years, but Chitcago/Pace is hanging tough (Trubisky, Mack). 

It's been rumored a lot that the Bores will bring in "real" competition for him. I have no idea if that's someone like Rivers, Bridgewater, Brady, or ____??

They have no first round draft choice again. And Mack's cap number swells to I believe about 28 million in 2020. I think the best shot at making a deep run came and went in 2018. But thanks to a "Double Doink" kicking situation, they shot their load and that was that.