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Stealing this from a Bears fan on a Bears Message Board, so I assume it's true:

In the Bears last 24 games, including tonight, the offense has failed to score a TD in a half of football.


1st half PHI
1st half GB
2nd half GB
1st half Denver
2nd half Washington (28-3 lead at half)
2nd half Min
1st half Oak
1st half NOLA
1st half LAC
1st half PHI
1st half LAR
1st half NYG
1st half GB
1st half KC
2nd half KC
1st half MIN
1st half DET
2nd half NYG
1st half IND
2nd half TB
1st half LAR
2nd half LAR

22 times in 24 games where the offense has had a half where they failed to score a TD [/quote]

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@Fandame posted:

If I were from outside WI, I'd stay home, too.

It's time to stay home, no matter where you live. Now, that the Minnesota Governor has closed down Minnesota bars, I expect Hudson, WI to get a lot more of the bar traffic, from Minnesota, than they usually do, and especially on the weekends. I tell people to stay at home and the bar crowd says that I "live in fear." Damn right I do! I do not want to contract this virus, nor do I want anyone else to contract it, either! We will not be rid of this virus until 2022, at least, and that is only if everyone starts wearing masks, practices social distancing and washes their hands, starting now! Stupid, selfish people will be the end of us, all.