I ended up sitting outside the hotel with a couple, watching the stream on my tablet and BSing.  Cocktails and beer were flowing, they were from Canton so we had a TON to chat about.

I ended up watching barely nothing of the 4th quarter though it was  in my lap.  The stories from these 2 were amazing and I will relate them sometime soon.

Tommy's pizza here is delicious!!


Boris posted:

For those of you having trouble streaming, the game is on NFL Network tonight at Midnight Lambeau Time (That's 10:00 PM for you West coast fans)

P.S. I'm in the chat room for the 2nd half

For some reason, Directv is not letting me see the game.  Might be because the previous game, AZ vs OAK, was available locally and the message didn't reset. 

Was watching the Olympics at the same time so my observations  of game are scant. 

-- defensive line looked to hold their ground, get pad level low, & not get turned. Lowry in particular looked more athletic than advertised, not just a "try hard guy", but showed some burst & penetration 
-- Just as announcers were talking about MM being interested in learning how Martinez was going to tackle, he missed a tackle which allowed Browns to run for a first down off tackle 
-- Pass pressure was there all night, even though RG3 completed his first couple passes, he got knocked down on every one, which may have contributed to him throwing the INT. 
-- Was it Randall that was beaten badly on the first play of game for a 50 yard gain? Not good since Browns have many of their top receivers not playing. 
-- Callahan looking better was in direct correlation to the Browns subbing out some starters.  
-- Starting o line was dominant, winning the LOS on nearly every play. 
-- Huge mental error by someone on safety left Browns NT unblocked! 
-- Cook looks like the real deal 
-- Abby took some physical shots near the head & came out OK 
-- Lacy looks better  
-- I think in real game, we would win easily even with Hundley at QB.

- ILB's looked good.  Martinez, Thomas and even Bradford.

- Ripkowski looked unsure. A lot of dancing and not a lot of hitting.

- Jones looked good at OLB.  We are really deep there and I think Jones and Perry are going to have good years.  If we can hold up against the run on early downs, this D could be really good with a dominate pass rush in front of a good secondary.

- So far I like Williams ahead of the D3 kid for practice squad QB.  He plays with confidence while the D3 kid seems a little timid.  Hopefully for her m he starts letting it go.

- Spriggs didn't embarrass himself.  As advertised he pass blocked well but was meh in the ground game.

- Perillo needs to be #3 TE.   If Janis goes on IR it might make room for a 4th TE.

Herschel posted:

I'm not sure how Barclay makes the roster minus a mass outbreak of leprosy among the starters and rookies.

Yep.  I think he's just camp insurance in case injuries hit hard.  Better to have him on the roster at the beginning than scrambling to find someone if it's a week before the season and they all of a sudden need an extra guy.  He also knows the system, knows how they like to practice and is more challenging competition for the young guys than an undrafted free agent. 

He'll stay with the Packers if they end up needing him, but most likely end up going to somewhere like Seattle.  He'll be an upgrade there.  Barclay should have a long journeyman career in the NFL like Barbre or Newhouse.    

Fedya posted:

He was hell bent on correcting the mistakes from the 2014 NFCCG, and look how that turned out.

Playoffs. Again. After again. After again. After again. After again. After again. After again.

Load up. Keep swinging. It's hard to win a super bowl.

This is a really good roster though. 

Packers may again rely on small college RB

Burks and yet another undrafted rookie from a second-tier conference, safety Kentrell Brice of Louisiana Tech (Conference USA), were as impressive as any of the team’s 24 rookies that played Friday night in the 17-11 exhibition victory over the Cleveland Browns at Lambeau Field.

Thought Burks did play well. I've never been all that impressed with Crockett and he may very well be a better option.

I don't know that anyone played horribly on the DL, but the Browns were rushing for 5+ yards/carry in the first half, and finished at 4.5 yds/carry. 
Most blitzes looked like AJ Hawk's. The was some pressure from pass rush, but it was mostly ineffective.
I'm just not ready to say this defense has 'turned the corner', but is much improved. I do remain a bit worried that some of the same tendencies remain from last year (rush defense, explosive plays, missed tackles).
I am excited for our LBs. I think Bradford is ready to play some ball, and Martinez and Fackrell look like the real deal. Position speed is much greater, and that's what we've been missing the last few years.

Same deal for Perillo and Abby on offense. I keep rooting for Janis as much as the next guy, but Abby has left him in his dust.  We really have an embarrassment of riches at TE and WR, and it's almost hard to imagine incorporating all of them into the playbook...until I think of last year and realize it can change in an instant.
Ditto for the OL; we really have some great depth developing. Spriggs debut was solid, I thought Walker can still hold his own at T, and Lane and Rotheram didn't embarrass themselves. Barclay.....well, he's Barclay. Not necessarily good; just good enough. But his experience still gives him an edge that's hard for the younger guys to overcome.
The most impressive thing about Burks to me? Blitz pick-up. That must be the very first thing they teach these guys!

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