Fedya posted:

I'm always amused by the fact that I've got a gaggle of posters who follow me around looking for reasons to be offended.

You mean posting stupid humor in every thread is following you around?  I actually think you should be cited for assault on humor.  

What's the precedent on that?  

Really liked the TD run by Burks. Great vision and cutting ability. He brings something the others don't. 

This secondary is incredibly deep and fun to watch. Other teams have to be drooling over the Packers cuts...sounds like there were more than they typical number of scouts at last nights game. Brice, Evans, Hawkins, etc...can all play. 

Only area of slight concern is D-line. Is Clark gonna be ready ? Can they find someone to replace Pennel for 4-5 weeks. Don't want to wear down Guion and Daniels because they're short on fat boys. 

I don't think we'll ever see a "thin" Eddie. It's simply not is body type. The challenge for him is whether he can keep his weight down as the season progresses. Because apparently he kept gaining weight in 2015 as the season wore on.  That and hanging onto the football.

He has plenty to play for including a phat new contract if he can prove he can stay focused and in shape. We'll see. One thing I noticed is MM has been relatively quiet on how Lacy's camp has been going. Usually, he's more then happy to praise a player and his performance(s) during camp. He's been eerily quiet on 27.

Love the kid, but he just does not seem capable of controlling his eating. Short of having someone with him 24 / 7 to stop him from overeating, there does not seem much the Packers can do because even at 20 pounds overweight, he still has much better feet than Starks. 

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