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MichiganPacker2 posted:
ilcuqui posted:

Not reading the game thread as otherwise occupied. But curious for old times' sake.

How many of youse guys are blaming Dom for GoldenBoyβ„’ Joe Whitt's guys being unable to even run backwards, let alone demonstrate basic coverage fundamentals.

Let the bedwetting spike

They are playing their 4th, 5th, and 6th DBs with three safeties when they go to the dime. There's a reason guys like Gunther, etc. were undrafted. We got lucky with UDFAs like Shields and Tramon and it's possible TT got a little too cute in keeping that many guys like that - but how often do you lose your top 3 CBs to injury? 

Well done.  I like a concise bitch slap.