MichiganPacker2 posted:
Herschel posted:

Pretty amazing to think how long we've had a great QB (25 years). Aikman is only three years older than Favre, but retired/went in to the Hall 10 years prior.

It's been a good run. 

I told that to a queen fan last week......I actually said you'll feel now how we have felt for the last 20 years.  How does the fall happen so fast???      

bandit posted:

This team is seriously broken on offense, but MM is to blind to see it.

MM didn't miss Cobb wide open in the end zone. MM didn't fumble at the 3 on first down with poor ball security. MM didn't throw a terrible interception right to a safety with no pressure to start the second half. The Packers are paying Rodgers 110 million dollars over 5 years to be a Pro Bowl level player. He's missed throws today that Hornibrook would be criticized for missing as a redshirt freshman QB. Other than benching Rodgers what's he supposed to do?