2017/18 Euro League Season

We know who is going to win in Scotland and Germany. Who is going to win it in England, Spain, France, Italy(I think Juve will receive a challenge this year)...Belgium(?). Whatever leagues you care about. I want to hear what you think.

Free Ragnar. Oh wait...

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PSG will win France because they won't let Monaco embarrass them again...and ASM has to lost a lot of guys already. 

La Liga going to be a two horse race again...I actually think Barca will be better without Neymar...and they only lost to Real by 3 points on the final table.

Serie A...It's more a question of does Juve implode rather than does someone else improve. If Roma is able to get Mahrez from Leiscester, they may have a chance to threaten but who else? Napoli? Lost a bunch. Inter? Pfft...

Kyle Walker and Raheem Sterling never had a red card in EPL career...both get the, in back to back games. 

I didn't make too big a deal about the Walker one because the ref made an honest mistake. Mike Dean intentionally fukked Raz over. A yellow for celebrating the game winning goal when he was already on a yellow? Utter bull$Hit.

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