2017 injury master thread

Tough loss for Giants to take. The hit itself was certainly legal, but definitely not in the spirit of avoiding injury. Taking guys out at the knees is not seen so often today as it was years ago, and that's a good thing. The DB did nothing wrong rule-wise, but he better have his head on a swivel in the games ahead...

i watched that obj injury.  i was unsure what to make of it.  so it was a legal hit, but unfortunate and in an ugly situation.  so after the hit, the dude went into a weird state of mind, it was as if - i remember thinking - this guy is playing this up, ok, make sure the cameras are on me, ok, throw the helmet, ok, check...again, take a knee, ok, camera on me, let me just bypass the entire medical staff and start to walk to the tunnel.  ok, take a knee...it appeared to be real diva''ish, but at the same time, it could have been legit...just don't know if we enable this guy's behavior, because of course at halftime, all the news was about...obj...strange, i was less of a fan of today's football after that performance.

I think a lot of the immediate reaction after the hit was the result of his head hitting the turf. He was checked for a concussion before having an x-ray on the ankle. Glad he's ok. Would have been a brutal way to lose your top WR before season starts. 

On the replay I saw, it looked like the Cleveland DB stumbled on the turf as he was turning directions going over to cover OBJ - so it seemed to appear that's why he was low to begin with....but it also looked like the DB could've just wrapped his arms around OBJ low instead of the roll into the knee area.   Glad it wasn't a serious injury because even though he might be a douche,  I like to watch OBJ play WR.

I like watching OBJ when he is between the lines and there is live action. The rest of the time, nope. It ain't all about you all the time, young man. Emotional players are great but quit preening so much.

More players need to act like Jordy, Cobb, etc., IMO. It's almost like character and coaching make a difference. 

Defensive lineman Dean Lowry, who injured his knee at Washington, will not practice on Tuesday, but McCarthy said the injury is not a long-term concern.

Also, rookie linebacker Vince Biegel will not be cleared to practice or play this week. McCarthy said the fact that Biegel's foot surgery was due to a re-occurrence of a college injury is a factor in his timeline.

"There's a threshold or two more that the medical staff wants to make sure he’s clear of, because a setback is always something you want to avoid," McCarthy said. "We haven’t had any setbakcs, but it's a matter of where he is in the progress of his rehab."

Read more: http://www.packers.com/news-an...f22d42#ixzz4qaHPGY3y

Colts fans will soon be kvetching (if they're not already) about Luck's "window", number of playoff appearances (not to mention lack of SB appearances), how they get curb-stomped by the Pats when they do make the playoffs.....any of this sound familiar? 

Luck's situation has quickly became David Carr II. A poor OL with no immediate improvement seen, a mostly anemic rushing game, sketchy WR depth, and now injury. The GM needs to get his turds in a herd.

FWIW, I think Seattle is close to slipping into this same situation. One key injury could have them there sooner than they think.

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