2017 NBA Playoffs: Bucks versus Raptors

That one hurt.  To come all the way back and lose like that. Ugh.  Feels very similar to the Badgers' loss to Florida.  

Terrible time for Giannis to choke it in the time-management category.  I thought he may drive for a quick two, but he was draining the clock, waiting for the last shot.  I know that it's hard to imagine, but is it possible that he was confused about the point differential?  Did he think they just needed a two to tie? I've gone back and watched the ending.  I just don't see how you can clearly wait for the last shot like that, only to drive with such authority with such little time left on the clock, all while bypassing teammates that had a look at a wide-open three.  Then he looked a bit surprised after the finish, when he saw everyone's reaction.  

Odd.  Very odd.  


Oh, well.  The future is very bright for the Milwaukee Bucks.  I fully expect to see them at least make it to the Eastern Conference Finals in the next few years.

Great article in SI today- the Greek's Achilles heel. The sentiment at the end is that with this guy's work ethic and his drive to win, perhaps the best thing to happen was to fail in that spot. This franchise has seen the arrival of its greatest player. It's going to be a great ride. 

Now what to do to compliment him...

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